Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am DONE!

Done having babies that is!

I did it...4 kids by 30 years old!!
(my goal was to be done with kids by 30)

Honestly I prepared myself when I got pregnant with Blake, that he was my last baby. {There is no way my body could handle being pregnant again, even if I was crazy enough to want a 5th baby}
I know in my heart that our family is complete.  We have our hands and hearts full. I LOVE babies, but I am ready to watch my kids grow up. I was not one of those girls that loved being pregnant. I had bad veracious veins, that gave me lots of uncomfortable pain and a bad back that made it very hard to sleep. 

I might not have said it at the time, but looking back on each of my four kids births, I really did love the experience. I loved the fact that I got to bring a tiny miracle into the world to raise. {What better gift is there?!}

I am sad that I will never get to experience it again, but I get to experience new things as my kids get older. I do get sad at silly little things, like the other day when Blake moved up to a size 3 diaper or when he grew out of his baby bath and moved into the sling in the big tub. {things I will never get to experience again}
[thank goodness for pictures to look back upon]

This is a new chapter in my life, the life of a busy mama of four energy loaded kids! Four kids that make me very proud, keep me on my toes and amaze me everyday. Four kids...it sounds so surreal to even say that. I always wanted a big family, I grew up wanting 3 kids, I feel more than blessed to have 4! I hope someday to be a very busy grandma, (not for a very long time though!) enjoying my grand-kids as much as my parents and in-laws enjoy my kids!

There are still those people that gasp when I say I have four kids and look at me like I am crazy. There are also the ones who ask me if I even have a social life. I wouldn't change my life for anything!! I LOVE family nights, I love just hanging out with my kids and if you ask me, I'd much rather stay home and watch family movies than go out to the bar and spend too much money on drinks. I had a blast in Vegas with my hubby and siblings, but once again, if you ask where I had more fun, Vegas or Disney World with my family...Disney World takes the cake! To watch my kids with that much excitement and joy, makes me one very happy mama!

I am one proud mama, that is ready to watch my 'babies' grow up!
{now out with all this extra baby stuff!}


Jamie Kubeczka said...

You are so brave.. I am really getting nervous about a 3rd baby. I am excited, but nervous. I am glad that I made the choice to have more and I know that as I grow old I will be so thankful I did.

Amber Maddux said...

you took the words right out of my mouth!!!

Holly said...

Love this post. I was thinking our family was complete with four..and then I got pregnant with number 5 and now I KNOW this is it! 5 kids by 27, but 3 of them were triplets...so really 3 pregnancies in 3.5 years = 5 kids! Phew!

Becca said...

Girl! I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR on this post!

We were always okay with just having two but we knew we wanted a third when I was pregnant with Aubrey. And now, my husband says he wants a fourth. I, however, feel like I am just done with pregnancy and the idea of FOUR kids kind of freaks me out! lol!

i loved that picture you posted the other day with your family of six all in the bed though. It was so sweet and shows just how much love is there for you guys!

Candice said...

Are you sure you're done?? You sure make some adorable babies!!

DiNatale6 said...

Congratulations!! I read your blog also!!

Amy said...

You think people act funny when you say 4 kids you should see them when I say we have 5!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I'm sure it's very bittersweet! I'm fairly certain I want a 4th!

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