Tuesday, October 16, 2012

JBF Galore!

Do you all remember that sale that I go crazy for?!
Look back at this post and this post to see a couple of my past shopping experiences.

It is the JBF sale. {Just Between Friends}
 My 'heaven!'

It is rolling around that time of the year again and I can't wait to go shopping there....
..this year I decided to consign too!

{to you that might mean nothing, but to me, that means I get to get in the sale even earlier!}
 It also means I have to get all my stuff that I am selling 'ready.'

Now, there are directions and instructions galore! You have to tag and hang everything right, to put it in the sale. They have pages of directions on their website on how to do everything. {overwhelming to say the least} I bought a 'tagging' gun, like the ones they use in retail stores, to attach my price tags. {let me tell you , it doesn't feel good when you stab it into your finger over and over} I bought a ton of large safety pins and I have a ton of hangers. 

You have to log all your items, by color, size, price and description on their site and then print all the tags off on cardstock. {Not too bad, but very time consuming}

It will all be worth it in the end. Money for stuff I don't need laying around anymore and getting to shop the sale for the good stuff...earlier!

It is like a really really really good garage sale, 500 times the size.

Does anyone else shop or consign at JBF?


Kelli Herrington said...

We have something similiar called Munchin Market and love it you can find great things for great prices and when you sell stuff that most of the time will equal out

Paige said...

I love consignment sales and all the hype they bring with them. Well let me fix that and say that I love to shop them (I volunteer at ours to shop early) but I hate consigning it. I would much rather have a yard sale. But bargins are my weakness.

Francis said...

I love consignment sales!!

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