Monday, October 29, 2012

Show & Tell How I met your father

1. Tell us about how and when you met your love and what attracted you most to him.
Oh the details....
I actually met my husband on the internet. (though he hates to admit it) I was a searching for an ex-boyfriends email through AOL, when I came across a profile {Quicksl1} I clicked on it and read it. It was funny and witty, so I thought, what the heck do I have to loose, I am going to say hi to this guy. He thought it was weird that I said hi 'out of the blue,' but we talked for awhile. Then he disappeared and didn't come back online for about a month (he thought I was crazy). When he finally came back online, I messaged him right away. He and I talked and exchanged pictures. and decided to meet up at his work {Target}. He was a security guard and I took the kids I nannied for shopping to meet him. We got in the store and he wasn't at the front entrance, like he said he'd be, so we shopped around. (little did I know, his friend and him were watching us on the store cameras) We saw him at the entrance, when we were heading out and we exchanged numbers, with the promise of talking after the holidays. The rest is a fairy tail, still going 12+ years later.

2. Show us the very first {or one of the first} pictures you guys ever took together. 

3. Tell us some of your favorite memories that you two had together.
*Our first trip together to Cancun, 4 months after we met. Puppy love for sure, I was 
'ga-ga' over him and was hoping this would be the first of many trips together.
*Buying and moving into our first house. We had many laughs and memories there, specially me getting locked out of the house the first day, for 4 hours.
*Our wedding, it was picture perfect! The start of our new life together!

*Our kids births, 4 awesome miracles! Bringing 4 children into this world and raising them together...doesn't get better than that!

4. Tell us your favorite qualities about this man, what makes him "the one."
 He is patient (which I am not always). He is sensitive, honest and caring! He has a huge heart, though he isn't the most romantic, he surely tells me he loves me and how beautiful I am everyday. It takes a lot for him to get mad, which is a perfect fit for me. He will listen to me, and we all know, I can talk a lot. He is always on my side, even when he knows I might be wrong (which doesn't happen often) He is an amazing father, that is awesome at taking care of his family!

5. Tell us what your "date nights" typically look like.
We usually go out to eat at one of our favorite places. Mongos, Olive Garden, name a few. Then we try to hit up a movie. They aren't too extensive, but good quality time together and some one on one time away from the kids. 


Paige said...

What a fun little fact! :) You guys are such a sweet and baeutiful couple!

Jamie said...

Love reading these!

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