Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rearrange a Change!

 My aunt is excellent at interior decorating...and I am not! She flew up from Colorado to help my mom and I out with decorating. 
She has a dream of making it a business...she takes things you already have, adds some new things in, makes you leave for a few hours and then decorates your house completely different.
She likes the business name 'Rearrange a Change.'
I don't know how many of you get the privilege of living by a Hobby Lobby....but our closest one is a little over an hour away. We set out for shopping and we got a ton of things at Hobby Lobby. {I love that store!}
We also hit up a couple Prop shops and Good Will, cause they have great stuff for DIY projects!
Here are some pictures of things we got and things she did with some other stuff I had laying around my house.

 My favorite little cubby in my house...just had no clue what to put in it.

 I love cluster frames!

 I am not a fake flower person...but she made me this wall arrangement and I LOVE it!

 This canvas fits our family 'to a T.'

Painted our kitchen deep red and added a huge canvas art with big sconce candle holders.

This mantel needs a little more help, but I am giving up until after Christmas

 We added the fourth 8x10 frame, some berries in between the frames and the bowl of decorative balls on the table

 Our laundry room after we moved in...

Our laundry room now...

Thanks to my awesome aunt for helping. Now I get to decorate for Christmas and try to put this all back afterwards :)
Happy Saturday!
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