Monday, January 7, 2013

A little off counter?!

Things have been a little off counter as of late. Since I have been off work for the past 3 weeks, my schedule of things has been very off! Things aren't getting done as they normally do, so I end up spending my weekends cleaning and doing laundry. If you ask me, I'd rather not be cleaning and doing endless loads of laundry, I'd rather be playing hide n' go seek, doing puzzles, making pretend birthday cakes and playing dress up with my girls. 

I really hadn't though about actually posting a cleaning schedule until I was reading Molly's blog and saw her very smart busy mom's cleaning schedule.
Brilliant Molly! Thanks for the idea!

I am sure if I can keep up with this schedule, that I can avoid cleaning on the weekends and spending more time enjoying my family.

Not only did I slack on my cleaning schedule, I also slacked on our daily schedule and boy do my kids act different when they don't have a schedule to follow. Back into the grind today!

Do you follow a schedule for cleaning?
What works for you?


Unknown said...

I follow a schedule similar to yours... if I didn't, my life would fall apart... ok, not really, but you know what I mean. When I get off the "schedule" it really feels like things don't go as well.

I think the main way I stay sane and mostly organized is with timed cleanings... I know it sounds ridiculous, but I'll set the timer for 20 minutes and work that entire time - no stopping for anything (kids are usually in bed). It always amazes me what can be accomplished in 20 minutes without distractions. I try to do at least one a day to manage clutter, etc.

Annie said...

I SOOO need to do this. I bet I woudl feel so much better. I let it pile up and then my weekends are FULL of cleaning...blah!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I don't follow a schedule. I tend to clean when things get super dusty or my pile of junk looks like it's about to fall over.

I probably should schedule better.

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