Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rough Training!

Well, I hate to admit, but my once awesome sleeper, is now not such a good sleeper. 

Well, let me rephrase that....he is a great sleeper, if he is next to us...but in his crib, not so much! Nap times he does great in his crib, and he is pretty easy to put down...just about 5 or so minutes of rocking. 


bedtime...ugh...he likes our bed. I mean who wouldn't...pillow top mattress with a feather bed....luxury!

I figured now that he is 9 months, it  is time for some sleep training!
{I am thrilled, can you tell!?}
I started last week with letting him cry himself to sleep at nap. Things were rough...to say the least. 45 minutes of crying before he FINALLY fell asleep. And bedtime, he still ended up in our bed. 
This week, we have cut it down to 10-15 minutes of "fuss crying" before he falls asleep and getting better everyday.
{but it's still hard on this mama!}

Bedtime he is doing MUCH better than he was. He whines himself to sleep with his music and he sleeps in there about 5-6 hours (which compared to before, is amazing). Each night seems to be getting longer.

I am definitely a hypocrite, since I told myself I would never let my babies continually sleep in my bed....there just seems to be something different with Blake. Maybe because he is my last baby and I am just soaking it all up. Whatever the reason, he is 9 months old and and it's time to do it "the right way."

We are headed on the right path to both getting better nights sleeps and I know my hubby will agree that not having a permanent baby between us, will be much better!

Am I the only mama that makes mistakes?!


Patrick and Megan said...

Lurker here...

I could've written this post!

You're a great momma!


Annie said...

Ugh...I know that it is so hard! We are not co-sleepers...but Liv is 2 and STILL wakes up at night. I feel ya...from one tired mama to another :)

Paige said...

I was not a do sleeper at all until Bryar, the non sleeper arrived. Then it became anything needed to survive. It takes so long for them to find out what soothes them and Bryar is just now finding it. I hope your sleep training continues to go well!!! :)

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