Friday, January 25, 2013

So Many Are Unaware!

{after taking Blake to the doctor this morning...looking at 3 different babies in their carseats...I feel this is necessary to re-post and I even added a few things}

 A few years back (for daycare licensing purposes) I took a 3 hour car seat safety class. Going into the class I thought to myself, "what in the world could possible take 3 hours to teach someone about car seats?" Well, let's just say I will never 'be the same.' I double check my own work, my hubby's work and anyone who straps my kids in their car seats. I also tend to look at pictures on FB of kids in carseats and also infants in carseats and see how they're strapped in. My kids safety has no price, they are always my number one priority. 

Now, I don't now EVERYTHING, no matter what my husband says I think about myself. But I do know A LOT about car seats and safety of them. I have posted before, here, about car seat safety, but now with winter here, I just want to remind you all that your child should not be wearing a coat in their carseat, or a snowsuit in their infant carseat.. 
Now, I live in the 'frozen tundra,' and I know it can be super cold getting in your car after shopping {trust me, this week it got as cold at -12 degrees}, being out and about or even from sitting in/out of the garage. If you are at home, you can let your car warm up, then put your kids in their car seats without their coats, strap them in and put their coats on backwards over their straps, but when you are out, it isn't easy to run out of the 'shopping mall' and start the car, leave it running and then go in after it is warm. So, I know you won't all listen to me as I tell you, when kids wear their coats in their car seats, they aren't safe! To those of you who may not know...there are other ways to keep your kids warm in their car seats without their coats being on. {REMEMBER...there should be nothing in between your child and their carseat straps}

Other options:
*Keep a blanket in the car, to wrap around them after you have strapped them in. 
*Put their coat on backwards, over their straps
*Put their coat on, but after you buckle their straps, pull their coat out from the straps, so their coat is just behind them. Then pull the straps tight and zip the coat over the straps.
Here is a video explaining it.
(This is what we do, since my kids don't have very 'poofy' thick coats)

Car seats are made to be tight against your child. When they have a coat on between them and their straps they don't get tight and there is a lot of room for them to compress in an accident, leaving a chance for them to get injured in an accident.

Here are some pictures that explain the difference of strapping in your child with and without a coat.

Here is another article about why it is dangerous to wear a coat in a car seat.
Not only should there not be anything between your child and their carseat straps,  the chest buckle should be arm pit level. So many people don't realize this and the buckle stays around their belly area, and never gets moved to the correct position.
Here are a few pictures of children not strapped in properly:

Correctly buckled:

There are so many people who are just an-aware of how to buckle their child in their carseat. Now, I don't personally know all of you, but if I can help keep your children safe by giving you the information I know...I will do my best!


Hillary said...

I LOVE this post! I am super passionate about car seat safety as well. When a very good friend of mine turned her child's car seat around WELL before her child turned one year I called another friend's hubby who was a cop to find out what steps I could take for her child's safety. I was (and still am) so angry when the parent seems selfish enough to not take one extra second to ensure that they kids are safe in a moving vehicle!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

This is great! I am a stickler about KJs safety and always triple check her car seat.

Candice said...

This is one of my pet-peeves as well. For both my kids, we have a thin jacket for each of them that they can wear in their seats (no down or anything fluffy, the jacket is more of a sweatshirt). Then we have blankets.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Car seat safety is a big deal to me, too! I do the same thing with Lily. It sucks to have to put her coat on and off when it's cold outside, but better safe than sorry. My biggest childcare pet peeve is kids that aren't buckled properly. It literally makes me cringe!

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