Saturday, January 12, 2013

What are we teaching our kids?!

The other day a friend of mine brought up a really good point...

Why don't more people put the normal everyday pictures of themselves on Facebook, their blogs, magazines...etc?

Well, everyone wants 'the world' to see them as beautiful and 'perfect' and no one wants to be seen as 'normal,' 'casual' and 'frumpy.'


I know for me I would rather my friends see me on my 'good days' and leave the 'frumpy days' for my family. I know that if a picture is not to my liking, I don't post it on my blog or on Facebook. I know that before my friends tag me in pictures, I make sure that 'I approve' the picture. I know that looking at everyone's gorgeous pictures of them and their kids on their blog, makes me want to photoshop a lot of my pictures, before I post them.

BUT...what is this teaching our kids?!

It's teaching our kids that we have to be beautiful, perfect and it really does matter what we look like! When really, who cares?!

Magazines have it all wrong! There is SO much airbrushing and Photoshop done to pictures of people to make them look beautiful.{not to mention not 'real'}

I am usually the one behind the camera, but at times I do get a picture taken of me. I am terrible at candid pictures, and usually look like I am steaming mad at someone in the picture. 

This year I am going to post more pictures of me and my kids, friends and family, to document all the memories.
Here are a few from the past few months to start it the raw, definitely not the best pictures of me! BUT...great memories!

 Me, Fred Evans and Devin Aromashodu from the Minnesota Vikings


Danielle Kingstrom said...

Thank you for bringing that up. I have been, as of late, posting pictures of me where I do not look the greatest either. Leaving the pimples in the picture instead of removing them. If my hair looks like crap, I think " But it is a great picture of my sister".
I read an article not too long ago about a mother who never liked having her picture taken because she never put enough effort into how she looked, but one evening, her daughter begged her and she did it and wanted to encourage all moms to "go naked" in their photos, eliminate the make up, the hair products, that great fitting shirt that hides your love handles, and just be themselves, a mom, in the eyes of their child(ren). I think this is something we should all strive to do. I know my face isn't flawless, I have break outs, bad hair days, and sometimes my clothes may sit on me improperly and make me appear heavier than I am. But I decided to challenge myself to not hide the real me. I figure if my children can tell me on a Saturday morning I am the prettiest Mommy ever, and my husband tells me I am gorgeous when I am sick...I must have some form of beauty that is good enough for the ones I love.
Thanks Kelly! You are right! We need to think about what image we want to teach our children about, the real one or the make believe.

Candice said...

You look just as beautiful as ever in these pictures, hon!!

Unknown said...

So very true! I think we can all relate and learn from this!

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