Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Treadmill- Thanks for the long runs in my quiet basement! I know I had been forgetting about you, but you have waited long enough for my attention. My silly consequence has signed up for my first 7k...we will be seeing more of each other daily.
{me ...sweat and all}
Dear my wedding video- Thanks SO much for the running distraction. I have never been one to enjoy running, so to watch myself on one of the happiest days of my life, makes time go a little faster and it a bit easier. NOT to mention, watching a video of myself weighing 110 lbs., makes running to get fit, that much easier!
Dearest Kenzie- Thank you for all the laughs lately. I think your little big personality is starting to shine bright. I love your 'big' words and phrases, especially when you try to repeat something daddy or I said. You can put a smile on my face day in and day out!
Dear this weekend- Thanks so much for arriving! I couldn't be more excited to finally have a girls weekend! It will be so nice to have a kid/hubby free weekend, to have some much needed GIRLS time! Wine, scrapbooking, dinner and I come!
(Good luck to my wonderful hubby with all 4 kiddos!) 
Dear  Chase and Abby- I was so impressed at your conferences last night! Thanks so much for being respectful, well behaved children that the teachers enjoy having as students! Keep it up!
Dear Blake- I know I might abuse the provlidge of snuggling with you, since you are my last baby, but thanks for bearing with me. I appreciate all the snuggles I can get, especially the morning ones and after nap time too!
-love your super happy mama  
Happy weekend!
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~Stephanie~ said...

Love the picture of you and Blake you can feel the love!!!!!! So sweet!!!!!!

Carrie said...

The pic of you and Blake is amazing. That little guy has one killer smile!

Carrie said...

The pic of you and Blake is amazing. That little guy has one killer smile!

Jennifer said...

Have a great girls weekend!!

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