Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Letters


 Dear Girls weekend- I had a blast, please don't be a stranger, more of you to come would be very fun and nice! Thanks girls for an enjoyable weekend!

Dear naughty treats- I don't see you every time I open my pantry, I don't even like you! Stop calling my name and whispering 'sweet nothings' in my ear. I am on a diet...that doesn't include you!

Dear mom and dad- Thanks for coming and visiting me on Wednesday. I love visitors, but with a crazy house of kids, visitors seem to be 'running thin.' Thank you also for the cookies that were amazing, but please don't bring me sweets when I am trying to be on a diet! :)

Dear ceiling fans in my house- I don't know how you manage to get an inch of dust on you every now and then, but seriously, cleaning you is one of my least favorite jobs!

Dear my ugly orange bathroom- I am not sure why I decided orange was a good color to paint you in the first place, but your colors needs to go! Once I find the motivation this weekend, you will finally be pretty grey, with blue accents! Now...where is that motivation!?

Dear Blake- You follow right in your daddy's footsteps, you love 'Sweet Taste of Italy!' (so do I) You inhaled just as much as your siblings last night. You might want to keep in mind, if you keep eating like that, you are going to need to be a linebacker!

Happy weekend!
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Unknown said...

Ugh! i have no idea how or why ceiling fans collect so much dust. I dare say its a miracle... I feel like I just cleaned mine and there's another inch there already...

Susan said...

Did it occur to,you that we brought the cookies for our grand kids? Mama might just have to be more disciplined and quit listening to those calling voices from the cookie container! :)

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