Friday, February 22, 2013

Good Enough?!

Do you ever wonder if you are parenting right?!
(I know I have asked myself plenty of times)

Though we can always do our best, if we worry less about how good we are doing and put even more love into it, that is what really counts. 

I was told daily as a child that I was loved. I am not going to lie, my dad has a temper (that I remember very vividly and a hand that hurt my butt more than I want to remember)

BUT...I know my parents love me more than anything
...even more than my older brothers. hehe!

'It's tough love' as I tell my hubby. It teaches you right from wrong, but yet I have no question that my parents loved me no.matter.what I did as a child.

I am not going to lie and tell you all that I don't have my dad's temper and that I haven't ever spanked my kids.
But everyone of my kids knows how much I love them and that they are my #1 priority on a daily basis.

I don't feel that kids these days get told I love you enough and parents are so caught up in their work and with their technology and electronics that they don't make enough time for their kids. Kids these days have toys and technology to keep them busy, that take up so much time that could be partially used as 'family time.' 
I remember Sunday nights as a kid were homemade pizza and game night. We always had so much fun playing games together and there were no ifs.and.or.buts...
Sunday was family night!

This is not saying that there aren't great parents out there that are wonderful that 'do it right.' It is saying that there still are some that haven't figured it out. 

Isn't the idea....
Keep them busy with knowing that they are loved and that someone will always love and care for them!

If we bring more love into this world, that is what our children will know as 'normal.'


Susan said...

I love you Kelly :)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Amen! I'm completely with you on this one!

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