Monday, February 25, 2013

OCD Monday!

I don't think I can get through a weekend without something!
My hubs calls me OCD.  
(Maybe true..just a little)

Chase's closet has bugged me ever since we moved in 3+ years ago. It looked like the picture on the had a built in organizer, that doesn't fit his clothes, as they are getting bigger.
So...I called up my amazing dad (who just happens to be a contractor) and said 'Please help!'
Well, now he has tons of room and a dresser for all his clothes (that desperately needs to be painted)

 Next...our bathroom has looked like the picture on the left for way too long (over a year now)
Ugly orange, no towel bar, patched holes...ick!
It desperately needed some TLC!
I put the hubs to work on the painting, since he is more patient than I.
 It needs some pictures, but I am still on the search for those. Until then, I love finally having a towel bar again, a much better paint color and fun shower curtain.
{now if I could just enlarge it times 3}

This is this weeks project. New storage bookshelf for the dining room. 
{hoping my little 'monster' can't get into the doors and drawer}

To add to all the chaos, I had to re-arrange my living room again. I get so tired of it, I have to change it up now and then.

I have had this obsession since I was little. I would re-arrange my room constantly when I was young, and things haven't changed. 
Unfortunately our bedroom furniture is too big to move and our room isn't huge, so it only fits 2 ways. So I stick to the other rooms of the house. 
{My kids love it..the hubs not so much}


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

You are a busy mama!
You sound so much like my mom. She rearranges furniture and organizes things every week!

❤ Meghan said...

this year, i've decided, is the year of organization, so recently i sorted through and organized everything in our closets, kitchen drawers, cupboards--you name it. feels good! don't worry, it's okay to be a little ocd when it comes to keeping your house organized for your family! :)

Candice said...

Great job on all these projects!

Susan said...

Yes - you were constantly rearranging your room! You take after my mom - drove my dad nuts with all her rearranging. I guess guys just don't get it! :)

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