Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skiing our hearts out!

 The hubs and I finally got a date...well, group date!
(Thanks for watching the kids Grandma and Papa O)

Part of our group
(minus me and two others)

 A little windy, but perfect weather!

 Dinner break!

Then we...
 thought it would be a good idea to snowboard the last 2 hours of the night.
We both have been snowboarding ONCE before...I went over 15 years ago.
(When I was younger and more limber)

 as we were about to get off the chair lift, we look at each other and think
' you remember how to get off?'
We watched the guy in front of us and thought we could handle it.
Well...we stood up and crashed down the snow ramp off the chair lift into each other.

We both took quite a few pretty hard falls and ended up with VERY sore tailbones, knees and heads!

 :::taking a much needed break:::

This was the second and LAST time I will go snowboarding!


Unknown said...

Wow. You are a LOT more coordinated than I am!!! I wouldn't even be able to figure out how to get on the LIFT! :)

Ashlie said...

The most sore I have EVER been was after my first time snow boarding. OUCH! What a fun date night!

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