Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

 Cause who doesn't like tips, tricks, help hints, 'cheat sheets', pointers and even organizing pointers to make life that much easier?!

 Ever get sick of those dang resealable bags?! I have found the answer! We LOVE chocolate chip pancakes over here, so we use a lot of these...
I would love an easy way to store and pour them...
wouldn't you?! 

Find an empty plastic bottle
I'd suggest if you are using the big bag of chocolate chips (from Costco) to use a two liter bottle, otherwise a small bottle will work for a regular size bag. 

Cut off the top {keep the cap}

 Cut off the top of your bag

Then feed the plastic of your bag through the top of the bottle and replace the cap 
{you might need to press hard to get it to stay}


Here are pictures for a smaller bag 

What are your tips, tricks, help hints, 'cheat sheets', pointers?!
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