Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Letters


 Dear Blake- I am pretty sure you have been sick more than healthy for your 11 1/2 months of life. Lets take age ONE and make it our sick free year!
 Dearest laundry, I am not sure how you always make it on my blog, but if there wasn't so much of you, I wouldn't have to talk about you all the time. I am sure I will 'enjoy' doing you more, once my amazing dad builds me my washer and dryer pedestal for my birthday.
Dear Norwex- Now that I use a ton of your products, please keep the germs out of my house. I simply love your mop, so easy to use and fast too. Your anti-bac washcloths are amazing too!!
Dear weekend- Feel free to take your time! I don't mind one bit, this mama needs some family and relaxing time!
Dear March- Thank SO much for coming! Not only is this the greatest month (since it's my birthday month) but it also means spring! Thank goodness for open windows and more walks outside!
Dear Hubs- I am hoping it wasn't intentional that you left these on the counter this morning...
 They definetly aren't on my diet and you know my weakness for Samoa cookies...

Happy Weekend!

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Chelsea said...

I totally ate 5 somoas in a row last night. They are SO addicting. I can't even believe I let me friend talk me into buying some from her daughter. Peace out healthy eating :)

Leah said...

Laundry never ends at my house either! Match is my birthday month too! When is yours?
Hope your little one feels better! Enjoy your weekend and hope it's every bit of relaxing!

Amy said...

I hear you on the laundry, girl! I actually don't mind doing & folding it but putting it away kills me! lol! :) Following back!

Allison said...

OH girl scout have I not had any yet?! Your blog is adorable! Now following. :)

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