Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters

 Dear hubs- Thank you SO much for the early birthday present! I love my new lap top and the fact that it actually works properly! Dear new lap top- I am not a fan of Windows 8, in fact you really are a pain in the butt! I would love a magic genie to come and set everything up for me, so I don't have to deal with it. Dear Blake- You turned one this week! Oh my...where did the past year go? I can't wait to see what this year brings! Love you little man! Dear hubs (again)- I hope you are having a fabulous time in Vegas with the guys for March Madness! I think of how much fun we had and can't wait to go back soon! Win big baby! Dear feet- You were not very fun to go sandal shopping yesterday! I know we live in the frozen tundra, but seeing ghostly white and dry feet in sandals, doesn't really sell the sandal. Good thing I have a great imagination! Dear kiddos- Thank you all for sleeping through the night every night that daddy has been gone! You all must know how much mommy needs/loves her beauty sleep. Lets face it, I turn 31 next week, I need all I can get! Dear March- I am so glad you came and I couldn't be happier that it is my birthday month and supposed to be the turning point for spring. I am not sure if you got the memo...but it is SPRING...STOP snowing and warm up. one likes an Easter egg hunt in the snow! Dear Lululemon- I can't wait to come get my first clothing item at your store tomorrow! I have seen the amazing things you sell and my wonderful SIL is going to take me shopping there tomorrow for my ready! {addiction in the making}

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!


Sarah said...

Wow! 4 kids and you're only 31 AND they are all sleeping through the night? You are one lucky Mama!

Nicole said...

Hi Kelly!

Hey. My daughter is a senior and is working on her graduation announcements. Her photographer's computer is down and so she had Kyndal order the template she wanted for her announcement from someone on Etsy so that she could put her own pics in, text, etc., to have them printed. We have a disc of her pictures. Anyway, she ordered the template and then realized when she got it that it's for Photoshop, which we do not have. I was wondering if you have Photoshop and, if so, if I could enlist your help. You certainly don't have to help if you don't want to, but I was just trying to think of someone who did this kind of thing who might be able to help us out.


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