Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters!


Dear Lululemon- You have become a quick obsession and I am truly in love with all of your clothes! I am pretty sure I could wear you every day of the week and not think there is anything wrong with that.
Dear hubs- I know you say you are going to help me build a new business website, but I think this sounds like more work than you want. I built my own before and boy is it stressful and time consuming. You sure we shouldn't look for someone to do it for me?!
Dear treadmill- I know I have been slacking on my running and it isn't that I don't love that alone time, it is however that I love to sit on my butt with my family after a long day and just hang out. I did however get my new Asics Gel Blurr running shoes and I can't wait to put them to use.
Dear hubs (again)- Thanks you so much for the awesome shopping spree and new laptop for my birthday! You have been such a trooper my whole birthday month and I love you to pieces for it!
Dear kiddos- Today is the last day of spring break, and as much as I have loved hanging out with you all week long, it is time to go back to school on Monday and give mommy a break! Thank goodness!
Dear Housing Market- If you could please do myself {and a ton of other people} a favor and pick up a bit, that would be fabulous! I would really like to move within the next two years, so that I can get my kids settled in the schools they will be in, have more room for my family and be even closer to our families. BUT, in that case I would actually like to make a little money on our house when we well it. {help me out here!}
Dear chocolate- I don't even like you that much, so if you could do your best and steer clear of me this weekend, it would be much appreciated! My body doesn't like to way you look on my thighs. :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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