Monday, March 4, 2013

Why I blog...

I have been asked time and time again...

'Why do you blog?'

Well, here goes! MY answer for that very question.

When I started blogging, just after I had my first baby {way back in September 2005} it was a way to let family that lived out of state,  a way to stay updated with our busy lives and 'watch' my kid(s) grow up. This is still one of the reasons I still blog! 

Then after time, I met amazing friends and fellow mommies. There are people out there going through the same things, asking the same questions about parenting, trying to get fit...all things that I am also writing post about. It is great to have support and encouragement from others going through the same things. 

The friends I have met in the past 8 years are amazing. There are some of your I see myself being BFF's with, if we only lived closer! There are some of you I envy! There are some of you who tell me I am a 'super mom,' for as much as I try, it is nice to hear it now and then. There are some of you who have had a tough go at life and you make me realized what a blessed life I live. There are many of you going through similar things and when you blog about them, that helps me tremendously! There are some of you that I just wish I had a small amount of your style {cause I sure could use it}.

I also blog to...
- Give others my opinions on products I have used -
- Share my life's lessons learned -
- Show my favorite DIY projects -
- Share my favorite recipes -
because I love my blogging time!
Sitting down writing a post during nap or after bedtime is! I am also a very giving person, and making someones day, is something I love. I am a big advocate of 'Pay it forward.' 
So to go out of my way to make someone else smile, is something I can do a lot on my blog...through comments, giveaways and pictures and more!

Call me bias- but I also think my 4 children are adorably.perfect! So why not share pictures of them with all of you

Why do you blog!?



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Candi said...

You just made me start blogging again!! I just read this and realized how much I missed it and why I did it in the 1st place!!

Jamie said...

I love seeing pictures of your precious kiddos! :)

Emily said...

I always print my blog at the end of the year and I LOVE having all of my family's memories, stories, and photos in one place. This is our life in 1 handy website! ha! Living far from most family means they all get to see our kids grow too - a great bonus. :-)

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