Thursday, March 7, 2013

You Asked...I Answered & Winner!

Thanks to everyone for commenting and participating in the giveaway, the questions were fun to answer!

Kelly tells all!

1. Okay, as a Mommy who, come September, will be going from 2 children to 3 children, I need to know...what transition was the most difficult for you? :) & Which transition was the hardest when having kids...0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4. & What was the transition from having 2 little ones, to 3 like?
I would have to say the most difficult transition was from 1 to 2 kids. My son went from an only child to have to share his mommy and daddy. It was tough and he was not a 'fan' of us for quite some time. He love his new little sister, but would hit us and act out. Going from 2 to 3 was easy, my two youngest (only being 23 months apart) were best buddies, so they had each other, when I was busy with #3. Adding #4 wasn't any different than having #3...#4 just fit right in and to me wasn't any different than having 3 kids.

2. Not that you would EVER trade your life now, but what's the one thing you miss most about life pre-children? :)
I miss being able to go on vacation and travel, without the worry of leaving my kids back at home. We got married and 4 months later we were pregnant with Chase. Didn't really give ourselves time to travel alone. {but I wouldn't change my life for anything!}

3. When do you find time to do your etsy orders?
GOOD QUESTION! I do most of my orders at nap time and after the kids go to bed. My 'office' is in the basement/playroom, so I can sometimes do some work while the kiddos play.

4. My question is with 4 kids how do you find time for yourself & with that time what do you do? 
Time for myself...what is that?! I am kidding, I do get time to myself, my hubs is the best and lets me have my girls nights/weekends and also lets me go shopping alone and grab coffee with friends. When I am not filling Etsy orders, I do take nap-time to blog and have some 'me' time. I {heart} nap-time!

5. What ever came about with that Coolsculpting thing you did?&
Were you happy with the cool-sculpting that you did?
I am so bad for not posting 'after' pictures. I didn't take the 'before' pictures, so I don't have them and I procrastinated about going back in for my 'after' pictures. I did however loose 12 lbs. after my treatment, without doing anything extra in my day {no extra exercising or dieting}. I did fall off the healthy bandwagon after I lost the weight and hate to say it, but I am pretty sure all 12 lbs. are right back where they started. It is a great procedure, if you have the money for it. I truly do believe in the treatment and think it is well worth it! I will be doing another treatment soon and I promise I will post before and after pictures!

6. Have you ever thought about homeschooling your children? I know I only know you from what I read on your blog, but I think you would make an excellent homeschool teacher!
AHHH...I love teaching my children and doing art and crafts, but I am not sure I could handle homeschooling. I have some friends that do...mad props to them, but it is not for me. 

7. Did you plan on having four kids? I always wanted 3. When I had Makenzie, I didn't feel like she was my last one, nor was I prepared to say I was done having babies. As she grew up, I knew I really wanted one more. Now...I just had to get the hubby on board. It took a lot some convincing, but we couldn't be happier with our decision!

8. Where are your favorite places to shop for yourself and your kids?
I love to shop at Express, Maurices, Forever 21 and Kohls. I am not super picky, nor do I have the greatest style, so when I see something cute, I get it. :)
As far as shopping for my kiddos...I love Oshkosh, Gymboree (though I will NOT buy anything full price there), Kohls, Macys and Target!

9.  What is your favorite meal to prepare for dinner?
My go to meals that I know my family loves are Chicken Stir Fry (I have an amazing recipe, that I will share soon), Burrito bowls, and chicken enchiladas.

10. What do you do as a relaxing "mommy" time moment? & Something you do for your self outside of the kids to help you relax?
BLOG! Honestly, it is relaxing and I love reading my favorite blogs. I also love scrapbooking, I am sadly working on Abby's baby book at the moment. I also LOVE coffee dates with friends! 

11. What's your number one tip for keeping your marriage a priority, while juggling life with 4 kids?
Keeping the romance! Date nights, saying 'I love you,' kissing, holding hands...just because you have kids, doesn't mean your marriage has to change or get put on the 'back burner.'

12. What advice would you give to first time mothers?
Soak up everything! I know everyone says it, but babies grow up TOO FAST! Make sure you always give them that sense of security and love!

13. Any suggestions to help a child with homework and keep him on track?
Make sure their homework gets done as soon as they get home. Work then play. Make it fun, no one wants to learn something boring. Keep an open mind and remember that they are children and they are learning. The beginning years are the years that shape them for life.

14. How did you meet your husband? I'm such a sucker for love stories. :) 
Actually we met on the internet. {it was all me} Find the story HERE!

15. If you had your house to yourself for the entire weekend, what would you do?
That would be glorious! I would first clean it from top to bottom and get all the laundry done. (taking care of my OCD) Then I would build a fire (seeing that I live in the frozen tundra) and I would sit on our Love Sac, with a fuzzy blanket and my computer, and catch up on all my favorite blogs. I would write a few blog posts too, to catch up. Then I would scrapbook in front of my TV while watching a 'Chick flick.' Then I would invite the girls over for some dinner and wine! 

16.  What is one of your favorite activities to do with your kiddos? 
I love doing art with my kids (and they love it too) I also love taking them to the indoor play parks, outside parks, going on bike rides, making forts, watching home videos, baking and dancing (like no one is watching)

17. What's the best advice you ever received as a mom?
The best advice I ever received is actually a quote, "Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up."It is so true with parenting. Parenting is tough, there are times you don't know if you are making the right decisions and there are times you have to make tough decisions. It makes you remember, that it is okay to fall down, just remember to keep trying.

18. What's the one baby item you couldn't live without????
The Baby Bjorn. I wore it all the time with all of my kiddos. It gives you both hands free and keeps them up against you. It also grows with your child. Not to mention, daddy liked wearing it too. Next I would have to say swaddle blankets...they gave up many night of sleep.


The winner of my Ask Away GIVEAWAY
 Chelsea over at Sunny with a chance of Sprinkles
(Congrats Chelsea! An email has been sent to you)


Chelsea said...

Yay! I'm so happy to have won :) Thank you so much, Kelly!

Also, I loved reading your responses to all of these questions! I might just have to steal this little idea from you ;) I should totally do more forts with Alea. She would LOVE that!

Candice said...

Loved all your answers! We have a lot in common.

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