Monday, April 22, 2013

Coffee Filter Butterfiles


Spring still hasn't sprung in the frozen tundra! Ugh!
We are supposed to get 3-6 more inches of snow tonight.
So...unfortunately my spring crafts aren't helping change the weather, but they do make me smile!

What you'll need:
-Coffee filters
-Water colors (the kind in the flat pallet work too)
-Paint brushes
-Paper towels
-Pipe cleaners

Lay some paper towels under the coffee filter and have your littles start to paint!

 Keep coloring...load it up with color!
 When they are done painting, let it dry on the paper towel.

Take your pipe cleaner and bend it in half

Then gather your coffee filter and pinch it in the middle

Close your pipe cleaner over the gathered middle and twist close. Leave and little at the bottom and twist to keep in place. Then twist the top and curl the two separate ends the opposite ways to resemble antennas.

There you have it...pure cuteness!


Mary said...

So cute! I am definitely pinning this on Pinterest. I also really like the flowers. We will be making these soon. We always have plenty of coffee filters. I just need to get some pipe cleaners :)

Kathryn said...

Such a cute idea! Also, can't believe you are getting snow and it's almost May?! What's wrong with Mother Nature?? Sending warm thoughts your way- it's been HOT here!

Sarah said...

Love this!

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