Thursday, April 11, 2013

In The Raw

Here it've asked for it, so I deliver! How did I become a Mrs.

Well, back in 2000, I had broken up with my boyfriend and had nothing better to do with my days, than to work at night and sit on the computer all day.

Well, I decided to look through the AOL profiles one day, to contact my ex's dad, to see it I could get some of my stuff back. I was really bored and started browsing through the profiles and came across one that was witty and cute, so I said, 'what the heck...I'll message this guy.' (What do I have to loose?)

I messaged him and clearly he was like, who is this and are you some crazy person
I mean think about it, someone out of the blue messages you, not in a chat room, just on AOL messenger. POOF, a little box comes up on your screen of some stranger talking to you.

He talked back to me and then we 'parted ways,' until the next day, I saw him online again and decided to message him again. I think I scared him away this time. He didn't come back online for about a month. In my mind, I was like, oh well, no loss no gain. 

Fast forward to a month later...his name pops up and I of course message him again.
(Keep in mind I still have to idea what this guy looks like, I just know that he is very funny and I like what he has to say)

We talked for awhile, he told me he thought I was crazy for talking to him out of the blue and eventually we swapped pictures. I was already hooked on his personality, so when this adorable picture of him in his preppy sweater and his U of M lanyard around his neck, came through my e-mail, I had the biggest smile on my face.

We talked till I had to go to work, during our conversation I asked him where he worked. At the time he was a security guard at Target. I told him that I wanted to come meet him. He told me what day he worked next and I left by saying, 'see you then.'!

I was nannying that night, so I loaded up the kids I watched and we headed to target.
He told me he'd be standing by the front door, but when we walked in, he wasn't there. I felt a little weird, but I decided to walk around and grab a few things I needed. 
We were checking out and I glanced over to the doors and he still was nowhere to be found. I decided to stall a little bit and grab some Icee's for the kids.
 As we were headed towards the doors, I see him, standing there in his uniform. My stomach sank
OMG...what do I do!?

As we approached him, he said hi and we started talking. In our conversation I asked him why he wasn't at the door, when we got there and he said, 'because my friend and I were watching you on the secuirity cameras the whole time you were in the store.


We talked for a little bit and then decided to meet again, next time outside of his work. 
We had our first 'date' at my apartment watching the Perfect Storm. To tell you the truth, during the date, I was a little scared, wondering what I go myself into, so I can't tell you what the movie was even about. I do know that by the end of the night a few kisses were shared, with promises of another date to follow.
I mean, he seemed harmless and sweet!

Fast forward a month...
We got together several times and had a blast, one of our 'dates' I went over to his house and he sat me down and told me that he was transferring to UWL after Christmas break. My jaw dropped. A long distance relationship wasn't in my cards. (I just got done with one and it wasn't easy) He told me after our first date, he wasn't supposed to start liking me, then he would never had to tell me this news. I told him, I really like him and wanted to see where this was going. It was then we decided to start our relationship..long distance and all.

I drove after work on Friday to see him, every weekend and he occasionally came home. {2.5 hours there...2.5 hours back}  I was the 'good girlfriend' and brought him cookies almost every weekend. We did this for a year. The following year I decided to move to Wisconsin, and go to school there, so I didn't have to do the drive. I lived with him and two other guys in a tiny apartment...

A year passed and he graduated, so I decided to move back home with him. 
We got engaged 8 months later and moved into our first house. 

After 4 years of dating...we got married on September 25th, 2004...

Over a decade of being together and married for almost 9 years, I couldn't have made a better decision that day, back in 2000, to message that witty guy!


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Your love story just goes to show that you gotta take chances! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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Aww love this post! :)

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