Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's Have Coffee! first Vlog!
I am dropping in for a coffee date, care to join me?!
I have been wanting to do a vlog, to link up with Alissa, but first I couldn't get the video to work, then I was sick, then I had an awful night on I didn't get ready (that is a scary site)

So it is...
 {I am sorry it is bouncing, I was tapping my leg under the table}

linking up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches


 The girls new found love!
(of course I had to get them girl colors)

He shoots and he scores!!

Happy Weekend!! Enjoy it!


Sarah said...

Future NBA star right there. :)

Unknown said...

Looks like they're having fun!

katie_shannon said...

Joining from RagstoStitches

I hope you are all done with the snow. You did a great job your first vlog!! Join again.

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