Monday, April 8, 2013

Paper Flower Pots

I needed something new...something springy!

I love decorating for the seasons and holidays, so coming up with crafts for my kids to do, is something I love!
{What am I talking about...I love them too}

Here is what you'll need:

Small clay pot
Colored cardstock
Green shredded tissue (grass)
Foam block
Paint brushes
Pom Pom balls (yellow)
Pipe cleaners

*I also used a glue gun for the gluing, to dry faster and be more sturdy
and I used my Cricut machine to cut out the flowers, since I am not an artist 

First, have your adorable offspring, or yourself, paint a clay pot


Cut out flowers, however many you'd like in your pot
(I used my cricut machine)

 Glue Pom Pom balls on your paper flowers.

{or as I did, write the names of your kiddos on each flower}

Cut a small chunk of the foam block off and stick it in the bottom of the pot

Fold the pipe cleaners in half and twist them. Then glue them to the paper flowers

Pierce holes in your foam block and stick the pipe cleaners in the holes

Then fill the top of your pot with the green shredded tissue. adorable center piece for spring!


Katie said...

super cute.. did you get the pot and foam at michaels i'm assuming?

Mary said...

Cute idea! I saw those pots at Michaels yesterday and almost got some. I never thought of putting in paper flowers. :)

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