Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trendy Little


 I thought it'd be fun to link up with Chelsea over at Sunny with a chance of sprinkles. I love dressing up my kiddos and taking pictures. The problem is, they are getting older and smarter and won't sit for more than one picture...without a bribe.

I attempted with Blake, and he is literally running everywhere so I can’t get him to stop for a clear picture. Then Abby was having one of her little ‘tudes’ so what better to get as my littles model, than Kenzie…my little girly girl…fashionista in the making.

So here she is…all smiles, even though it is only 41* outside.

I told her she could help me pick out her outfit and her exact words were…’Mama, can I please wear my Monkey dress? I know it is still kinda cold, but it is really cute!’ Who can say no to that? So, unfortunately her outfit is all outdated, since it was her sisters, with exception of her shoes.

Though I can never say no to the color coral in the spring, it is my fav!

She is obsessed with having her hair French braiding in piggies. {this is day 5 in a row} AND the butterfly barrettes are her addition, you can’t go wrong with butterflies in gorgeous blonde locks.

*Dress from Gymboree 2011 line, Shrug sweater from The Children’s Place and shoes from The Children's place

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Chelsea said...

I'm dying over those butterflies in her hair! So cute :) thanks for linking up!!

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