Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What my Hubs says about me...

I honestly don't think I have ever laughed so hard since I've met my hubs. When I opened up my email, to find my hubby completed the assignment that I gave him, there were tears streaming down my face! It was so true and just made me love him even more!

So here it is...truth be told!
What my hubby says about me!

Things about the love of my life (other than sports)
Kelly loves her coffee, but really its not coffee.  Its 90% caramel flavoring and cream, perhaps 10% coffee, but she still calls it coffee which makes me laugh
Kelly has this weird mini-van club delivering service for her coffee, where Kel and her friends will take turn randomly stopping over at each others houses bringing "happiness."
this is true, it is called the white van delivery...and it is pure happiness!

When an idea pops into her head, she will go full steam ahead until it is complete.
We need a car
What I say
Lets shop around and find the right car for us
What she hears: The first car I see, we are buying it

Situation: We should paint some rooms in our house
What I say: Ok lets talk about it when i get home from work
What she hears: Go buy the paint and when he gets home from work we will paint the house

Situation: Chase needs a new bigger bed
What I say: This weekend lets look for new bed options
What I come home to: current bed is taken apart and already sold, plans for new loft are printed out and we are heading out to pickup the wood now.
This full steam ahead process can create issues because typically she thinks in the now, so it may be efficient in accomplishing tasks, but can create problems if we aren't on the same page.
I am a 'dooer', if I want something done, I want it done then, so I do it!

3. Kelly loves the color pink
I do...I might be taming this color obsession

Kelly can't say the word chipmunk without sounding like a 3 year old.

That is just mean. I can say it correctly, but when I say it and I am not thinking, it may come out jumbled!

Kelly thinks that "crocodile tears" or "[insert name] is happy as a ham/is a ham" are a widely accepted expressions.  I'm pretty sure croc's dont cry nor is ham happy, its dead, nor is my kid a ham, he/she's a human.
Who hasn't heard of those expressions?!

Kelly loves wearing workout gear....even if she plans on sitting on her butt all day.  I think she has the idea that if you are wearing workout gear that your body thinks you are burning all those calories.
You might as well be comfy and look good too :)

Kelly always dresses nice when she leaves the house.  You won't catch her wearing her PJ's while she is out running errands.
I love my heels and don't get to wear them very often, so might as well

8. Back when we were dating in college, Kel would drive to LaCrosse almost every weekend to visit me and bring "homemade" cookies.  Years later she finally confessed they were store bought.  Pretty sure I wouldn't have cared either way, chocolate chip cookies to a college student = JACKPOT...not to mention a drop dead gorgeous girl caring enough about you to drive a few hours to see you every weekend.

Some of the batches were homemade...I swear!

9. I have had to teach her the notion of saving money, she had a grade of F when I met her, 13 years later I would give her a grade of D+ and I consider this progress.

You can blame your in-laws for that lessons there

10. She is a SUPERMOM, in all aspects of the word.  Everyone I know is amazed and what she accomplishes in a day.  Aside from running a daycare during the day and taking care of our 4 amazing children, the house is always clean, laundry is always done, dinner is always made.  She somehow packs what would take a normal person 40 hours to do into a single day.  I also love that she wants to be home with our children and raise them as a stay at home mom, I feel very fortunate that my kids will be raised by her during the day and not in a daycare.  Not everyone has that luxury or patience for children.

It's all in a days work!
11. She has NO FEAR, she will take 4 kids shopping, running errands, to the library, doesn't matter.  Things that stop normal people don't stop her.   I remember trying to take 4 kids to Costco, pretty sure it took me an hour just to get the kids in and out of the car before reaching the store.  I guess its not difficult once they are in the store as long as there are free samples to keep them occupied.
1 or 4 kids...I dominate it!

12. Her best trait is her love and compassion for her family and friends, she will always go out of the way to help out.  


13. Her worst trait is her temper.  She can go from happy as a clam to pissed in 0.23 seconds (yes I have timed it before).

It's true, I got that from my dad.!

14.  The very first meal Kel cooked for us when we were married was what I refer to as "rubber chicken" because if you can imagine the texture/hardness of a rubber chicken, thats what our meal was.  I am happy to report, since that day, there has been nothing close to that.  She is an amazing cook!

Everyone has their 'rubber chicken' when learning

15. Kelly has this thing that she pretends to want to know who sings a particular song if I am singing along, then she says "hey bri, who sings this song?", and as I start to answer she says "lets keep it that way," and I fall for it every time.  You would think after all these years I would catch up, but I don't.


16. Kelly is EXTREMELY stubborn, therefore, she is never wrong.  That shirt "who needs google when you have a wife" is 100% accurate.

I am is just VERY rare!

17. She has an endless obsession for popcorn

This is true and I am not ashamed!

18. She says "I know...right" a lot

I get this from my soon-to-be SIL.

19. I like to play pranks on her because she i a bit gullible.  Some of my finer moments are I once convinced her that "Hobby Lobby" in La Crosse was a big porn store, and she thought this for probably a year until her boss at Fridays asked her to pick up some decorations for the restaurant, she asked "what kind of decorations would i get at a porn store?"  Needless to say that provided quite a bit of amusement.  Another instance was back at home a new building was being built and convinced her it was the world's biggest Wendy's where they had a drive thru in the middle of the store (i know right, awesome
)....CRAP I've just been infected by "i know...right"....anyhow this story held up for a while until a big Edina Realty sign went up, at that point my gig was up, but the moment she found the truth was hilarious :)
I am gullible, but now I challenge everything he tells me

20. She is STILL drop dead gorgeous!!!  4 kids and countless amazing memories later, she is just as beautiful as that first time I ever saw her walking towards me in Target.  I consider myself the luckiest guy in the planet to have found such a smart, silly, caring, compassionate, amazing woman.  We always laugh together, we have the most adorable children (thanks to my genes), and life is just better when we are together.  This sports loving geek (yes i know, weird combo) is very thankful to have found the love of my life!!!!

Aww...thanks babe!


jessica said...

i couldn't help but smile when reading this post. i know you'll cherish this particular post forever.

and number 8 is hilarious.

Jody said...

This is so cute! I was laughing while reading all of them. My lame husband never finished his assignment!

Katie Ox. said...

HAHAHAHA rolling laughing.
but hello, the "blue suv" didn't get any coffee credit!

Cat said...

So funny! I loved the pranks and that not being wrong thing-- I'm actually shocked my hubby didn't list that one too!

Jennifer said...

This was too cute. My hubby just got his email requesting him to do the same... we'll see what happens. :)

Sarah said...

Hi Kelly! Just hopped over to your blog and definitely have a blog crush now. Your family is just gorgeous and I can't wait to waste my morning looking around more! Your husband is so sweet with his #20 response! Anyway, I think it's funny we both have 393 followers so I'm going to go ahead and be your #394th follower! You should feel special and I'd luv ya to return the love! :)

Courtney B said...

Ooooh my gosh! This is hilarious!! Your husband knows you SO well! I'm curious as to what my hubs would say about me... I think I might do this even though the link up is over :)

Unknown said...

Your husband sounds so sweet! I have to laugh at #1, I make my coffee the same way.
Also, I had never heard "crocodile tears" before!

Kathryn said...

I love this! Your Hubby did such a good job! I drink coffee the exact same way and am obsessed with the color pink- Hubby knew we were in trouble when we found out it was twin girls! ha! I also cart my kids everywhere by myself- I go stir crazy sitting inside all day!

I'm following along now so look forward to getting to know you better through your blog :)


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