Monday, April 29, 2013

You Do What?!

Everyone has their quirks, everyone has their faults and everyone is entitled to their pet peeves!

I definitely have mine!

I am a compulsive 'vacuumer'! I can't stand my carpets and rugs to be dirty. I vacuum at least every other day. 
(I also shampoo my carpets about once a month)

I don't like clutter on my counters! I hate seeing papers and stuff setting out, or stuff being out where it shouldn't be for too long.

I yell too much and need to practice patients!
 (first step is admitting a problem...right?!)

My pet peeve is lying someone lying to my face!
(you want to go behind my back...chances are I'll find out, but to my face...not a good idea)

I am obsessed with having my house smell good. I love burning candles and spraying air freshener!
(one can never have too many candles)

I am addicted to coffee!
(is that such a bad thing?)

I have never been a procrastinator till lately!
(time to nip that in the butt ASAP)

My pet peeve is bigger kids at the park with potty mouths!
(would you talk to your grandma like that?) 

I am a terrible green thumb. I kill almost every plant/flower I have. Yet...I am going to attempt a garden this summer!
(wish me luck)

I might have a small obsession with heels. Ok....truthfully I love them and wear them whenever I can.
(I have gotten more practical over the years though)

I secretly wish my car could smell like 'new car' all the time! I love that smell!
(guess it isn't a secret anymore)

I sometimes think I know everything and if I don't I will still pretend I do!
(who doesn't now and then)

My pet peeve is having the toilet seat left up. Not just the bottom seat, but the lid too. There are more germs than I can even imagine in there..shut the lid!
(then wash your hands!)

I hate my nails. I had acrylic nails for 7+ years and my real nails are thin, short and never grow. If they do grow, they break instantly. I do however keep them painted, to make them look a little better!
(you always want what you don't have)

I love Facebook, but at the same time I hate it. I feel like sometimes it gives us a reason to not see people face to face. It also turns into a place to stalk people from your past and vent about your life.
(yet I still keep up with it daily) 

I am slightly obsessed with taking pictures of my kids!
(yet Blogger won't let me upload a picture to leave you!)

Happy Monday!


Kathryn said...

I am a total heels girl as well and use to even wear them grocery shopping (before kids!) now I wear them when I can too....I've found wedges are easier and still add some height :) I also have a terrible green thumb and can't keep anything alive- the Hubby makes fun of me all the time! I can definitely relate to many of these!

Katiern827 said...

Totally feel ya on the toilet seat!!! EEEEEEK! Just close the lid please!

Jennifer said...

I am all about the new car smell too! I would love to have a fairy come to keep it clean as well. :)

Oh - and the big kids at the park?!?! That kills me, especially when the "kids" are my age! Agreed, would you talk to your grandma like that?

I am a total freak about spelling errors. It drives me crazy to see a professional email at work with spelling errors - I can understand texting or facebook (sometimes - eventhough it still drives me batty) but an email you send for work purposes? However, I catch them all the time - not even realizing it. And I just have to tell you, in the most loving and kind manner (since we don't know each other personally and you can't see my happy giggles through the computer) - you used the wrong patients in your post. :) lol should have used "patience".

I loved this post and your blog is great! Your side notes in really small print are hillarious!

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