Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crepe Paper 3d Flowers

  photo 2013-05-20001307_zps5a2b50f8.jpg

What you need:
 photo 2013-05-19233052_zps66c7ff86.jpg

* Glue
* Crepe paper
* Background paper
* Pencil

 photo 2013-05-19233438_zps8b9c68df.jpg
Cut your crepe paper

 photo 2013-05-19233508_zpse1759478.jpg
Pour glue in a shallow dish for dipping

 photo 2013-05-19234333_zps8b0c4365.jpg photo 2013-05-19234246_zpscaf37c9a.jpg

Put your pencil in the middle of your crepe paper square and fold the edges straight up

 photo 2013-05-19234256_zps83dad7bc.jpg photo 2013-05-19234347_zps5e9f11ba.jpg
Dip in the glue and put on your paper

 photo 2013-05-19235948_zpsaa5db496.jpg
Keep filling in your flower to your liking

 photo 2013-05-20001254_zps74136471.jpg
Add the stem and leaves and wa-la...a fun art project that keeps the kiddos busy for awhile!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Cute! I think my kids would like making these. Thanks for the idea!

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