Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear week - I couldn't be happier that you are finally over! This week was a tough one and just about everything went wrong. Thanks for never showing your face again!
Dear weekend - Couldn't be happier that you are here!! With the week that I had you are welcomed with open arms! Not to mention...this is our first camping trip of the year and we are all so excited!!
Dear hubby - Thanks for bearing with me this week..I promise to be much more pleasant and loving from now on...just had to get that week out of my system! Love you!
Dear BFF - Thanks for always making me smile! The coffee and card you delivered yesterday made my day! No really, I laughed at the card and the coffee made me a happy mama! I am so glad we are friends!!
Dear garden - I am going to attempt you this year with hopes and anticipation that you will grow and produce like no other 'terrible green thumb' has ever seen! Time to start tilling and planting!
Dear SIL - Thanks so much for getting me these wonderful Cool Sculpting treatments. Since my appointment, April 29th, I have lost 10 lbs and my pants are now too big. {time to go shopping} I haven't been able to run, like I want to, since my surgery, but come next week and I can get out and start running and shed some more pounds to get my much wanted body back!
Dear my oldest brother {Sean} - Thanks so much for helping us out by storing our camper throughout the winter! We really appreciate it! Thanks also for helping us try and figure out why the lights weren't working and then taking your time to tow it, an hour our of your way, to our house for us! You rock! Love you!

Have an amazing weekend!

Sunscreen.bug we come!


Alena Pidala said...

Hi! Here from Friday Letters. Love you blog! Im glad your week is over ;) Your kids are beautiful!

Kathryn said...

That is awesome you've lost so much weight and fast! I'm sure you look amazing! Also, have fun camping! Can't wait to see pics :) Have a great LONG weekend!

Ashleigh said...

I too am glad that this week is over! I am beyond thankful for my weekend.. It will be nice :) I hope you enjoy your camping trip!

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