Wednesday, May 1, 2013 we thought!

We thought that spring was here...
We played at the park and even got a few days in with sunshine, shorts and t-shirts.

 He's so independent!
 photo IMG_6753_zpsafd661f2.jpg photo IMG_6754_zps374736ed.jpg photo IMG_6747_zpsc304b46e.jpg

 photo IMG_6744_zpsa4ad1b64.jpg photo IMG_6745_zpsc317effc.jpg

 photo IMG_6757_zps45b57630.jpg

 photo IMG_6755_zps22184f02.jpg

 photo IMG_6741_zps002976cc.jpg photo IMG_6749_zps34ee651e.jpg

 photo IMG_6736_zpsdb094a8f.jpg photo IMG_6739_zpsc86e160b.jpg

He LOVES watching the 'big kids' play!
 photo IMG_6763_zps1100a6d9.jpg photo 20130426_130953_zpsc799b89f.jpg

My two happy boys!!
 photo IMG_6733_zpsd7405155.jpg there is a picture of what's to come tonight...
 photo Screenshot_2013-05-01-16-05-53_zps5fa8f2fe.jpg
When is spring going to stay?!


Kathryn said...

Your kiddos are so cute!! I love your daughters red tutu :) I cannot believe it's May and you might be getting snow!!!

Jamie said...

That storm is here now, i'm not happy!

Sarah said...

Ugh! Over here in Australia, we are still in shorts & t-shirts, as we head into the last month of Autumn. It's been 2 weeks of school holidays with PERFECT weather, sorry to rub it in! :)

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