Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spreading Even

...among 4 kids!
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I think I am doing a good job, and then I get 'told' otherwise. I have tons to share and I know with 4 kids, that I have to make sure I am giving my attention and love evenly.

How do you make a 5 year old understand why babies seem to need more attention, which in their minds can be misinterpreted as loving that child more?! 

'Mom, you love Blake more than me, cause you hold him and give him more snuggles than me.'
{not words I ever want to hear!}

Abby has hit a sensitive age and needs more attention and 'snuggles' than usual. I will be the first to admit, I need to put more things on the 'back burner' and snuggle and cherish this time with my kids. They are only little for so long and will only let me give them hugs and kisses, until they become 'too cool' for them.

Blake is a mommy's boy and is quite attached to me, so I am usually the one to be holding him. Babies grow too fast and so I am soaking up all the love and snuggles that I can get BUT I have to remember that my other kids don't understand how 'needy' and dependent babies are. In their minds, I am just giving Blake more attention and more love than them. 

How do I make them see that I love them all the same?

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I will be trying hard to make sure I get 'alone' quality time with each of my kids. During nap time, time when Blake doesn't need my attention, time when I can get quality one on one time with my other kids and focus all my attention on them. Read books alone with them, play one on one games, do art projects, snuggle and watch movies, draw with chalk, and just hang out!

This is the most important time of growth in their lives, when they learn the most and soak up everything they see, especially what they see us do. They look up to us and watch out every move.!

Those extra 5 minutes of time, talking about what happened during their day, really do matter.
The extra 5 minutes of checking Facebook can wait, it will be there later.

Life is too fast and too short to not 'stop and smell the roses.'

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How do you make sure that you are giving your time and love evenly?


Katiern827 said...

So true! I have a hard time and I only have 2. I can't imagine how pulled in every direction you feel. You seem like such a great momma and I'm sure your kids feel the same way:)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I completely agree! Motherhood is always a balancing act. It took me a while to learn, but you're right, those dishes and all that cleaning can wait! Our time with them is way too short!

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