Monday, June 24, 2013

10 Things I Live For...

PICTURES - A priceless way to keep memories that I love taking. I have taught myself just about everything I know about my camera and all my photo editing skills. I love looking back on little and BIG things with all of our pictures of documentation.

MY KIDS - They are my world and watching them grow up and learn from my hubby and I, makes me one happy mama daily! Watching them do things I remember doing, learning from experiences and teaching each other makes me heart full! They make me smile and laugh every day!

BEING A GREAT MOMMY AND WIFE - Being the best mommy I can be and striving to give my kids they life they deserve. Also giving my hubby the support and love that he deserves with an unconditional love for my whole family!

 FAMILY GATHERINGS - I love watching my kids interact and play with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. I love being around family and being close knit. I live for being very family oriented.

PAINTED TOES - My toes are constantly painted. I cringe at the sight of unpainted toe nails. I love color, so a splash on my toes makes me happy!

MY HUSBAND - Who happens to be a birthday boy today! He makes me a better person and loves me for me, if there was a beginning to everything it would be with him!

FUN - Having fun and trying new things. Having fun is the name of the game and I love experiencing new things! As long as everyone is having fun, who cares what the original plan was!

COFFEE - (you know me) I can't live without it. It makes me a little happier on those tough days and usually tends to brighten my day, if I happen to have some in the middle of the day. Otherwise it is my morning staple!

FALL DAYS - I love the season and a cool fall day with a fire and a blanket is my idea of perfection. Jumping in the leaves, taking a walk around a lake or camping in the fall is perfection!

STAYING AT HOME WITH MY KIDS - Priceless! Something I knew I wanted to do after I had kids. Being able to raise my own kids and watching them grow is for sure something I live for!

What do you live for?!

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Unknown said...

hahaha I love that picture of coffee! Totally a size we all need sometimes

Erin said...

Love this :)

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