Friday, June 14, 2013

Coffee Date!

If we were having coffee this week, I would tell brag to you that I only had a 3 day week! 
I would tell you that I got to go garagesaling yesterday with my kids and we had a blast. I found some great deals and it fixed my craving for some summer garage sales...well, until next week. 

I would tell you that I have been on a deep cleaning rampage this week...I know, what's new!?
 I would admit to you that I am out of creamer and I am secretly (oops...secrets out) heading to Target to get a Starbucks this morning! 

I would tell you all that I got my hair done on Wednesday and I went dramatically different than the 'norm.' I wanted something fun and different. I still kept the length, I think I will be the only 90 year old lady with long hair (short hair isn't my thing)
What do you think?
(don't mind the 'bad-ass' selfie before)

I would tell you that after our second camping trip this year with a pop up camper, we went out and bought a different trailer. With 4 kids, a pop up isn't convenient or fun to set up and take the rain! I would admit to you that I may be a bit excited about our girls weekend coming up at the end of the month. Girls, wine, a campfire, gossip....FUN!
(more pictures to come)

 I would tell you that we have a fun weekend planned and I can't wait to relax tonight at Fogo De Chao sans kids, then head to my brother's house tomorrow for their wedding shower, followed by some pictures of my almost 15 month old (omg...time is flying) , and feeding the ducks with my girls!


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jessica said...

that's so funny. I was just thinking when i woke up this morning that i couldn't wait to hit up estate sales, and garage sales this weekend. like seriously, i am just itching to go. i mean it's been a whole week since i've been to one. lol.

y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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