Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Hubby- Thanks for helping me plant the garden. I know I am not a 'green thumb,' but the kids love it and hopefully we can get at least a few veggies out of it! Thank you also for giving in and getting me a new bike...I love it and the kids love going for bike rides. ('s exercise!)
Dear Blake- You are crazy busy, always on the move and I feel like you never stop. PLEASE try to be careful, as I might be looked at funny if I were to wrap you in bubble wrap. Keep your hands off the stove, stay out of the fireplace and stop playing in the toilets! 
-your very stressed out mama
Dear Abby- I am really praying that this is just a stage you are going through, whiny, sassy and selective listening. What happened to my not picky, great helping sweet girl?
-your mama who has had enough
Dear Mother Nature- There is no reason we should be wearing coats and sweatshirts on the last day of school. I have had enough of the rain and could go for a warm sunny streak for more than 2 days! Please rain, move on...we want to play outside!
-sincerely mama with 4 kiddos, with lots of energy
Dear Weekend- Please see note above!
-mama camper
Dear Summer- Take your time in rolling by. We have lots to do and there is much fun to be had! Swimming, sports, crafts, picnics, kites, parks, we go!
Dear Garage Sales- I don't know how you always call my name as I drive by, but come on....I am trying to cut spending! I would really like to move next year, so if you could please hide as I drive by, by wallet and hubby would really love you.
-addicted garagesaler

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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