Sunday, June 2, 2013

Never....would I ever?

Ever thought to yourself during those 'crazy' moments...who would ever do this?!
You may think that, but sometimes it isn't so 'abnormal.'


...shampoo my upstairs at 10 pm at night, 'making' my kiddos stay awake well after their bedtime, due to the shampooer noise.

...think that I could break the swing in our backyard, by sitting on it with Blake. 

...think I could stare at my blessed life, for repetitive minutes, sleeping next to me, while I type this post.

...think that 3 red bull vodka's into the night, I could win Banangrams! 
(I NEVER win!)

...impulse buy a huge sport umbrella at Home Depot, so I could 'match' the rest of the baseball team and finally have my own, to join the 'cool crowd.'

...accompany my daughter to a bug show, while we were camping, so she could hold cockroaches, millipedes and tarantulas. sad thinking about how fast this little guy is growing up! Playing with his siblings this weekend shows me how big he's getting.

...think that my all-star plays amazing ball! (yeah right!) Watching him makes me one happy mama!

...taunt you with these two pictures as a lure for tomorrows giveaway and promo...
(check back tomorrow to find out more!)


Angela said...

The picture of you on the ground with the broken swing is hilarious!!! You're skinny, who would've thought?!

❤ Meghan said...

haha, i love this post. and i love bananagrams!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

LOL. Love it!

Unknown said...

Hey girl! Are you still making invitations? If so I need some ASAP!!!

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