Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shower Time!

 Remember how I like BIG family gatherings?! 
Well, my brother is just 3 short months away from getting married... what better to do than have a wedding shower!?


Ms. Kenzie soaking up all the attention she can get! 

We weren't all together for Father's here are my brothers and I with our dad!

Kendall's dad and mom flew in from Texas too

Man...we are one good looking family! Good thing we made it through all those years!

 What is a party without a pinata? Candy, sweets and big smiles!

Anyone for a game of bags?!

Kenzie and her buddy Sarah! Two blondies with great smiles!

 I {heart} these three guys!

And a sneak peek from their engagement photo shoot!
{Amazing photographer Adam}
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