Thursday, June 6, 2013

We Tried... plant our first garden!

The kids were beyond excited...they even forgot to change out of their PJ's. They are so excited to watch everything grow. That is if the dang bunnies will leave it alone. You'd think with a 2' raised garden, the baby bunnies wouldn't be able to get in...wrong!
Abby's sunflowers were first to be eaten...and she was devastated!

 Our 3 PJ dressed helpers!

One would think the bunnies knew we meant business when we planted everything...
they apparently didn't get the memo!

We even planted some flowers for the front

 Time for some water!

 {see the rainbow!?}

 I bought some Ivory soap to put around the outside edge of the garden, lets hope it keeps the bunnies out!

Disclaimer- I am NOT a green thumb and have killed just about every living plant I have had. Let's hope this is a turn for the better!


TRICIA said...

Good luck!!!! The bunnies are out in our neighborhood and I'm not too happy about that! My next door neighbor just found FOUR new baby bunnies in her flower beds!

Full House said...

Some advise about the bunnies...
I don't know their name but plant some of what we call "stinky flowers" around the edge of your garden. Bunnies do not like the smell of them and are known to avoid them. Looking at the size of your garden I would plant 12-16 of them. They are usually yellow and orange and the flowers are round on top and need to be planted every year. You can pick them up at Wal-Mart, home depot or a Nursery. They come in a 4 or 6 pack for $1-$2. You should be able to ask an employee to help you find the smelly flowers that keep bunnies away! They work great and even add some color to your garden!

Paige said...

Good luck!! :) I wish I had a better green thumb myself.

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