Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What we love!

 We love baseball!

Everything about it, the supporting our son, the cheering, the friends we make, spending time outside, watching the kids learn and grow...

He can't wait till his little brother can play ball with him!

 My Boys...pure joy!!

My smiley all star!

This is the stroller on at a typical baseball game
{Ox mobile}

At age 2 Chase had a baseball bat in his hand and was hitting the ball with accuracy! Now 7 1/2 he has more interest and love for the game than before. Not all kids take sports seriously, Chase takes to to a new level. He plays the game with determination to catch/get the ball and get an out. He knows the rules...better than I do!

It's a hit...

...and he's safe!

He breathes baseball!

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