Monday, June 10, 2013

You Married Who?

My 'partner in crime', the wonderful daddy to my 4 littles, my best friend, and the guy who thinks he taught me his humor.

-A former Target employee
-A funny and very intelligent 'geek'
-A sports fanatic
-The oldest of four
-A genuine 'mama's boy'
-A video gamer turned 'do it yourselfer'
-A loyal Minnesota sports fan
-Will avoid shopping at all costs
-Quick whitted
-Semi sarcastic
-Passionate about his family
-Loyal to his job, going on 10 year, and 3 different companies
-The more calm and patient one
-Wanna be beer connoisseur
-A marathon finisher
-Likes winter over summer
-Enjoys yard work
-Ridiculously amazing sense or direction
-Not a fan of country music
-Hates coffee, loves hot chocolate
-Not a 'spur of the moment' doer
-Easily scareable

By far the best catch I've ever met!


Erin said...

love you guys together!!! :)

Tiffany said...

awww, thats just too sweet!

Susan said...

You forgot finicky eater, but that's okay, we love you anyway, Brian!

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