Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Letters

Is it sad that I get excited to write Friday's Letters? 
That means it's the weekend!


Dear Humidity- Please leave! I hear that this weekend is supposed to be 'bearable' and I thank you for that...seeing as how we are spending 75% of it outside. This past week has been swealtering and my flat iron forgot who I was. We enjoy the beach, but I'd really like to stand outside without feeling like I just worked out for an hour.

Dear Chase- Now that baseball is finally over, you've moved onto soccer. you missed the first few games, since baseball overlapped, but you did a great job of jumping right into your first full game. You scored your first goal and I am a pretty proud mama when I over hear your coach tell you that you are the best on the team.!

Dear Jillian {Michaels)- Thanks for busting my butt this week. It feels good to be back in a workout routine, along with eating healthy. I might look like a sweaty pig after your workouts, but man does it feel good! Looking downstairs yesterday morning and seeing this just made me laugh.
(they love doing 'The Shred' with me!)

Dear Chase and Abby- Waking up and coming into Abby's room and seeing this just made me smile!
Thanks for loving each other most of the time! How Chase got in Abby's bed, I am not sure, but it sure made me laugh.

Dear 'Betty Crocker' wanna be self- Please stop making 'bad decisions'. I know you see all these amazing recipies on Pinterest, but stay away. They aren't on your diet. Good thing we are going to be with a lot of people this weekend to share this 'bad decision' with...

another 'bad decision' I made this week...

Have a great weekend!

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Nicholas and Megan said...

Loved the kids exercising!! ha ha

Katiern827 said...

Oh my that picture of brother and sister in bed is too much to handle! LOVE!

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