Monday, July 29, 2013

If I could turn back time...

...I would probably take time back to 1992. I was 10 years old. My grandmother was still alive and I was at that innocent age where I knew what death was, but not enough to know I would never see her again.

I was never really very close with either of my grandmothers, but my mom's mom, we saw more often and I became attached to her the most. We would go to Colorado to visit and they would come to visit us too. I never really had that amazing bond with my grandparents, since they lived so far away, but I would make sure to spend more time with each of them!

Seeing as how I would go back so far, I would also spend time with the many friends that I have lost along life's journey. There unfortunately have been too many to count and too many that I didn't get to say goodbye to. Some people leave the world way too quick with little or no notice. We often don't get the time to say goodbye and tell them what they mean to us.
I would be sure to do it right this time. Spend the time with the ones I love!

 I would have been 'nicer' to my parents. Being a parent now, I can totally see where my parents were coming from in most situations. I could have given them the respect they deserved, when I was growing up and learned quicker that I didn't always know best.

I would turn back time to when we first got married and I would wait about a year or two have kids, so we could travel. Getting pregnant 4 months after being married kinda put traveling on the back burner till the kids are 'grown up.'

I would also turn back time to tell myself to concentrate more on school and less on boys. I would tell myself that my high school boyfriend wasn't going to be the one (and I knew that), so concentrate on school.

I would also go back and choose a different schooling route. I would tell myself to tough it out and go through nursing school. Don't get me wrong, I love the path life chose for me and I wouldn't change it for anything, but there are those day I really wish I would have lived out my 'tough' dreams.

Would you turn back time? If so, for what?

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Chelsea said...

Such a sweet and honest post :) I love it! You're such a beautiful writer!

Petchie said...

Thank you so much for sharing and being so honest in your post. I definitely agree with what you say about being nicer to my parents. I was never really mean to my parents, but I remember there being times when I gave them such a hard time. Now that I am older and expecting my first, I'm starting to understand why they did some of the things they did as parents. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

That’s always the way isn’t it? When we become adults we find that there’s always something we would have changed if we could only turn back time. When looking back through our lives we realize what we should have done, would have done and could have done. Now that adulthood is upon you make sure to seize the moments you have.

from Colleen Wallace @Professional Doctorate

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