Monday, July 15, 2013

If I were to win the lottery....

Oh how many of us dream of winning the lottery, it would be a great dream, but I also know that lots of money can ruin families {unfortunately I have seen it first hand} if not used wisely.

I would first and foremost pay off cards and my mortgage. Having any debt it no fun and to be 'bill' free would be amazing!
{one day we'll get there}

I would buy us a bigger house, nothing huge, just something that fits us and gives us a bit more space plus some storage and a nice big yard!

Then I would set up college funds for all my kids. College is SO expensive and it isn't getting any cheaper. As a kid my mom made me put 1/2 my pay checks, from my first job till I was 19, into the bank for college. At the time I hated it, it was my money and I wanted it then. Come the time to pay for college, I wish now that I would have put more away than just 1/2, it was very useful and a smart move made by my mama.

Then I would take our family and some friends and go on a long cruise. I have never been on one and to go one one with family and close friends would be a blast. I would probably pick a Disney cruise, seeing how I'd love for my kids to have just as much fun as us.
{Has anyone ever been on one?}

We would donate some money to some charities. Feed-My Starving Children, Doctors without Borders, to name a few.

I would also save some money for the holidays, it's always been my dream to bless a family that has children, who is in need. Being able to give 'a Christmas dream,' to a deserving family would be priceless. A great lesson for my kids and an amazing feeling!

I would make a 'rainy day fund.' I always talk about having a 'rainy day fund,' where if we ever needed to fix a car, something for the house, have a hospital visit or even take a spur of the moment family vacation, it would be nice to have a 'rainy day fund.'

There is so much I'd want to do with it.
Good thing my chances are only 1 in 175,000,000.

What would you did if you won the lottery?

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Erin said...

oh goodness to win the lottery!! I need to do this post too :)

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