Monday, July 8, 2013

My Biggest Weakness

This is a tough one. If you know me IRL, then you know that I might come off as being a pretty strong person, but I do have my weaknesses.
I had to challenge myself to pick my BIGGEST!

Well, it would have to be saying 'sorry' and admitting I'm wrong.
{Just ask my husband}

It does happen, and you all know where I'm coming from when I say it hurts when you realize that you are wrong and you have apologies to make. It is never easy and it is uncomfortable, but someone is usually in the wrong. Saying 'sorry' and moving on is what I try to avoid. I can be wrong and know I am wrong but I will dodge bullets to work my way out of saying sorry.
{enter my husband nodding here}

I unfortunately hold a bit of a grudge after being hurt, so I figure everyone else will do the same. If I am in the wrong, then that means I did something that deserves an apology. Whether the cause was big or small, apologies aren't easy.

I am working on it...well, in the rare occurrences that I am wrong that is! :)

So...Putting myself in the opposite shoes, I know I like apologies when I have been wronged, so I expect the opposite party does the same. 

Slowly but surely I will do some day might even become a strength.  
 {though somehow I doubt it}

What is your biggest weakness?!

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1 comment:

K Ferrero said...

I am exactly the opposite! I tend to apologize profusely thinking its never good enough. People end up telling me to just stop, it gets so bad. I am slowly learning to say it once and moving on though. But sometimes it really isn't necessary lol.

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