Thursday, July 4, 2013

We're Headed...

...out for a long road trip for the 4th and stressing about what my 4 kiddos will entertain themselves with for a 6+ hour car ride there and 6+ hour card ride home.
Being the bright thinking mama that I am...I decided to leave before dinner, so we could have some 'sleep' time for the kids...aka quiet drive time for us.


I still needed new fun things to entertain the kids. Especially on the way home.
{who doesn't like new toys and activities?!} to Pinterest I went....

{Melissa and Doug Bingo is a lot of fun and has many different cards for different places}

{New coloring books...$1 at Michael's Crafts}

{Melissa and Doug magnetic dolls, I got a boy set for the boys too}

{Mini bowling in a cookie sheet}

{Felt boards from Michael's Crafts}

{White Board with magnetic white board markers}

{Magnetic Letters for spelling or guessing words, original source}

 {Melissa and Doug license plate game}

{Magnetic Puzzles made with your favorite pictures, original source}
DIY magnetic puzzles
:::a hit with the kids:::

What you'll need:

*Paper cutter (or scissors)
*Large Popsicle sticks
*Glue pictures
* Glue gun
*Modge Podge (optional)

Start by cutting your pictures the width of your Popsicle sticks

 Then glue each section on a Popsicle stick

Turn your Popsicle sticks over and glue a magnet in the middle of each stick

If you have more time than me, I would recommend painting Modge Podge the top, so it lasts longer. for the kids!

Now who wants to go on a road trip?

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