Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bam Bam's Twin!

{Do you see the resemblance?!}

My little Bam Bam is 17 months!

*You love airplanes and get so excited when they fly over
*You are a great passenger in the car
*You love baths and when I say 'bath' you waste no time getting in the bathroom and trying to undress
*You run everywhere, walking is for 'babies'
*You are starting to love looking at the pictures in books
*You are a good eater
*You look like your mama...especially when you smile
*You love any kind of ball. Ball is your favorite word and you can spot one from a mile away.

*You love to dance
*You love being outside and will bring me your shoes to go outside
*You love camping and being able to roam around outside
*You won't sit still 5 minutes to watch TV (I guess that is a good thing)
*Your favorite thing to play basketball, kick a soccer ball or throw a baseball
*You can say ma-ma, da-da, more, ball, basketball, baseball, all-done, Chase, this, snack, Bauer, eat, juice and I'm sure there's some I'm missing

*You have the cutest most kissable cheeks
*Your favorite foods are mac n' cheese, bananas, veggies, bread and pears
*You aren't a fan of milk, but you are getting better if I add a little Nesquik
*Your most ticklish spot is on your neck, under your chin and your sides
*You love slides and are a little dare devil
*You are very independent and love doing things yourself...especially using utensils
*You had your first hair trim, we cut a little of your curl mullet off {I didn't want to do it, but daddy told me to}

*You love your Nuks! You go to sleep with one in your mouth and one in each hand
*You are an amazing sleeper! (1-3 hour naps and 12+ hour nights)
*You are transitioning to 1 nap a day and you are doing great 
*You adore your older siblings and smile/giggle whenever they talk to you
*If I tell you something is hot, you blow on it
*You are always on the go and rarely stop moving, unless you are sleeping

*You wear 18 month clothes
*You wear size 4 diapers
*You wear size 5 shoes
*You have 14 teeth, with two more about to pop through any day
 *You are a very happy busy boy!

*You have many expressions and they make you adorable!


m&msmommy said...

SO cute...I love the overalls! And I really can't believe he's 17 months already!!!!

~Stephanie~ said...

Love! Love! Love!

Kelly Slater said...

He is so cute! I love your list, I wish I had done something like this....

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