Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear weekend- I am pretty sure that I am overly ecstatic that this Friday {today} is the start of our week vacation. We are off camping for a week, tomorrow morning. The kids have been asking when we are leaving for the whole week...guess's time! Off we go!

Dear Hubby- I know I don't tell you, but since you've started to work from home, my days have gotten more fun. Bringing you lunch {room service} to eat, scaring you every chance I get {sorry, I can't resist}, having you help out here and there, being able to run errands and leaving the older kids home with you is very helpful and just seeing your beautiful mug more makes me smile!

Dear selfie- You are rockin' it lately {yes, patting myself on the back} Working out and even running {you hate running} The dog really likes you too, cause he needs the exercise. You have even pondered the thought of playing on a soccer team this fall. {What doing something for yourself?!} You'll have your pre-babies body back in no time.

Dear Abby's 'friend'- I am just about to loose it, if you come into our back gate and then into our house one more time. It is beyond rude and not wanting to leave is a whole other story. I am not sure how you are being raised, but to come into someone's house, without asking, is not okay! Playing with my kids, then hearing little voices and seeing you in my back door, realizing you've also let me dog out of the gate is infuriating!{mom rant over}

Dear school- You are coming up quick. As much as I will welcome you with open arms, it is going to be awfully quiet around here. Going from none in school and 6 at home to 4 in school, 5 at home, will be a big, but fun change! We will happily enjoy these last few weeks of summer...but will be waiting patiently for fall!

Dear Blake- You have a whole new vocabulary and you amaze me everyday. You are growing up way too fast! Since you are my last baby, please slow it down a bit...I will miss these moments in the future. Enjoy being one Bubba!

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Kathryn said...

My Hubby also works from home 1 day a week or so and it's amazing! So nice to be able to run out here and there. Also, yay for getting the bod back in shape, that's awesome!!! Have so much fun on your trip, can't wait to see pics :)

Sara Labs said...

we need you this summmer!!!

mandgmom said...

We have a "friend" like that, too. Ahh!!! It almost makes me glad summer is almost over. Did I just say that?

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