Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Mother Nature - I am definitely set on the 90* weather being done with. I could really use a week of high 70's with no humidity. I know I ask a lot of the weather, but it is no fun for the kids when it is this hot and I hate running in this heat! Thanks for understanding!
Dear Kendall - I couldn't be happier in just 29 days you will be marrying my brother and officially becoming a part of our crazy family. I couldn't be more excited! I have loved helping with all the wedding details and can't wait for it all the play out! I am pretty sure we were BFF's separated at birth. Love you!Dear Blake - Bam Bam in the making! You are the cutest and funniest little guy, but man, I swear all you do is look for trouble. You surely keep me on my toes and keep my heart racing. Slow down buddy!
Dear State Fair - I will not be 'hanging out' with you this year, since I know I would regret eating anything you have to offer. Anything that you have on a stick sounds amazing, especially the chocolate covered bacon and my favorite deep fried mac n' cheese, but my stomach will thank me.
Dear School - I am ready for my kids to be on a set routine and be back in school. Often times with summer, things get crazy and off track. Thanks for quieting down my house for 10 month out of the year. I welcome you with open arms, but might change that feeling come the first day of school.
Dear Vacation - You are just over 2 months away {holy cow that is coming up fast} and I couldn't be more excited. I will be extremely sad to leave my littles at home, but will know they are in great care and much needed grandma and papa time. The Mexico beaches are calling my name and this mama needs a Pina Colada {thank goodness I can steer away from the NA ones this trip}

Happy weekend everyone!

{The Amazing Ashley who hosts Friday's Letters, had her beautiful baby boy, so she didn't link up today, but I decided to write mine anyway}

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Erin said...

We are so ready for school here!!! and why no state fair?

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