Monday, August 26, 2013

I said I would never.... {winner announced}

{things I said I would never do, when I became a mom}

Get a 'gate' for my child, that was until I had Blake. He was such a mellow baby...then hit 11 months old and walking, now there's no stopping him. To get a few minutes to ourselves, especially while camping and at our other kids sports games, it is a must. He really doesn't stay in it long and we fill it with toys, but I always said I would never put my kid in a 'gate.' So, we'll just call it a play gym!

Allow my child to dress themselves in public until I decided I didn't want to fight that fight. When you are running late and you have a head strong toddler. you choose your battles. Who cares if they want to wear orange leggings, a hot pink tutu, a navy and white strip tank top and black tap shoes.

Give my child store bought baby food, then I realized it wasn't as convenient to bring frozen homemade baby food when we are out and about. I made the majority of my kids baby food, but when they made those amazingly convenient little food pouches....who could resist the ease of popping one of those in the diaper bag when you are on the go.

Let my babies 'cry it out.' Well the time came when Chase was 9 months old and we had to bounce and rock him to sleep. No sitting down, no rocking chair...bouncing on the balls of our feet, while swaying back n' fourth. The time came to let him put himself to sleep. He cried for less and less time each night and it was hard to listen to him, but babies can easily get you wrapped around their finger and 'play' you for want they want and like. (I learned with the rest of my babies to put them in their crib for naps and nighttime, while awake, to put themselves to sleep)

Allow my babies to co-sleep and though we got better with each kid, we still did it. They are only babies for a short time and my husband nor I roll when we sleep. We always kept our arm around the baby, to ensure we wouldn't move over them. It let us get a few extra hours of sleep and started some bonding between us and our babies. It didn't last long and they grew out of it, but I had always said we wouldn't do it.

Finish my shopping trip while my kid was having a fit. I always told myself I would leave the store, full cart of not. Well, since it is usually at the end of my trip and my cart is full, I usually stick it out and try my best to 'bribe' the child having a fit to stop their behavior. Like I want to come back and shop all over again or be the rude guest to leave the full cart. This is when my 'we are going to deal with this at home' instincts kick in.

Let my toddler skip nap time, so we could have a day of fun. My kids are very adaptable and usually just go with the flow, but I do try to get their naps in on time. There are just those days that we want to go do something that will go into or past nap time, so every now and then we will skip nap and 'go with the flow.' {I might pay for it later that day or the next day, but it is usually worth it}

Let my child eat their snack/food they dropped on the floor. I know gross, but there are those times that the 'world is ending' because they dropped the last cracker on the floor or their Cheetos fell off the stroller onto the parking lot. I mean they put worse things in their mouth and it isn't going to kill them.

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Unknown said...

Great post! I feel ya on the letting them eat food they've dropped on the floor. They will try to ingest worst things, haha

~Stephanie~ said...

I hear yah it seems the more you have to the more relaxed about things you can be. I am definitely a co-sleeper and years ago before kids I would have never thought I would have done that. I love it youre so right they grow up so so fast!

Chelley N said...

This made me laugh. I knew so much more about parenting BEFORE I had kids!!!

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