Monday, September 30, 2013

Not perfect...just did their best!

I can remember a lot of my childhood and all of my experiences lead me to the girl/wife/daughter/aunt and mom I am today. I grew up in a very loving home. We weren't always very family oriented, but have grown to become more, now that we are all older with families.

 I am not going to lie and say my childhood was the best experience. I wasn't the easiest teenager and in return, my parents dealt with it by 'tightening' down on rules and spanking my butt with a wooden spoon. {I dreaded getting a punishment, but that usually didn't stop me from making poor choices} I learned from my 'mistakes' and  my consequences. I swore I would never parent the way my parents did, but as a parent of 4 now, I can honestly see where they were coming from. That does not mean I will ever take a wooden spoon to my child's bare behind. I do believe that they did what they thought was best and most effective at that time. I however never felt a time that I wasn't loved {no matter how many times I sent my mom paper airplane letter down the stairs, stating that they didn't love me} I was told many times a day and showed in many ways. I just choose to describe it as tough love. 

I didn't have the relationship with my parents where I shared anything and everything with them. I hid lots of things from them and found out about 'things' on my own. We never had the talk about 'the birds and the bees,' puberty, finances/saving, just to name a few. This is something I want to make sure my kids feel comfortable with me and my hubs about. I want them to be able to come to me with anything and everything. I want to have that open relationship, one where there is a fine line between parenting and being friends.  I want my kids to know that I will love them no matter what they do and that we all are constantly learning together, so people make mistakes.

Growing up my family didn't have a money tree in our backyard, nor did we have 'extra cash' floating around waiting to be spent. When I was 16, I got my first job and I have been working ever since. The day I got that job, I was on my own for buying the things I wanted and needed. I think this is a very valuable lesson that I learned and helped me for when I ventured out on my own. Do I think that if you have the money to spoil your kids should? By all means, go for it. They are only live once!

I want to be able to give my children all the love, support and encouragement they deserve! Every family and situation is different and we all go about it our own different and unique ways. As long as there is abundant love and you make sure your kids know that you are proud of are doing a great job!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Those moments won't last

It's those moments in life that you know won't last a lifetime, the one your kids will grow out of too soon.

Watching them splash and giggle in the bath and have the time of their lives. 

They have not a care in the world!

They play whenever they get the chance.

They are innocent little sponges soaking up the world around them!

Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Friday Already!?

This week flew by, I am by no means complaining!

1. My little dancers Thursday just melt mommy's heart. Taking you both to dance is one of my favorite parts of my week. You are both in your element and I love watching you have so much fun!

2. Salted Caramel Mocha baby! It's that time of year! Not only do I love this Starbucks drink, it also means it's my favorite season...FALL! Bring on the cool days, crisp air, changing leaves and happy mama! 

3. My hair and make-up for my brother's wedding. I really wasn't keen on my make-up at first, I thought it was too 'cakey' for what I normally wear, but others told me that they loved it. Looking back at pictures...I absolutely love everything about that day!  
{Part of me wishes that I looked like that at my wedding}

4. Kate Spade Earrings that I wore for my brother's and sister-in-laws wedding. We got them to match the adorable bracelets that we got from the bride as a gift. They are a great combo and 'very me.'

5.  That it's fall. That means...fires, blankets, color changing leaves, UGGS, long sleeves and comfy clothes, apple cider, apple orchards, pumpkins and salted caramel mochas.


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Don't sweat it!

My fall bucket list keeps growing and in Minnesota fall isn't long enough to complete my length list. Don't sweat it!

 My porch has yet to finish be painted, when we started almost a year and a half ago. It will happen before we move someday. Don't sweat it!

I am finding out that there isn't enough time in the day to complete everything I want done. Don't sweat it! 

I really need to do some landscaping work, but know that it will take a ton of time, so I keep putting it off. Don't sweat it!

I have been too lazy to get up early and straighten my hair after I shower, so curly hair it is lately {I am not fond of my curly hair} Don't sweat it!

I don't think I could ever move out of Minnesota, unless my whole family moved. Seeing my extended family this past weekend, makes me want to move closer to them. I miss seeing them more often. Don't sweat it!  

I totally forgot about my second themed picture contest. {my memory is so bad lately} I promise I will get it posted soon.  Don't sweat it!

I have an itch to decorate for Halloween already, but know I'll get the 'stink eye' from the hubby if I do it before October 1st. Don't sweat it!

I am so far behind on reading blogs, I feel as though I am a bit out of the loop in some of your lives. Don't sweat it!

As much as I try to stay caught up with Twitter, I feel like Instagram and Facebook are more my thing. Don't sweat it!

I am realizing that the bigger boys get, then more energy they pack in. After school it is all itching to 'get out.' Sometimes this causes one stressed mama. Don't sweat it!

I have fallen off the running bandwagon, and keep putting my nightly runs off. Mexico is right around the corner. Don't sweat it!

I love my life! Life can be bumpy and take a different path than planned, now and then...don't sweat it!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Almost a decade!

I was 18 and he was 20.
Our paths crossed 
We started dating December 2000, got engaged January 2004 and got married September 2004.

Moved into our first house September 2004, had our first child September 2005, had our second child July 2007, moved into our second house April 2009. had our third child December 2009, moved into our third and current house January 2010 and had our fourth child March 2012.
It has been an amazing ride and I am so excited for the many many years to come! I couldn't have asked for a better best friend, partner in crime, comedian, soul mate, lover and father to my children. You make me laugh and bring out the best in me.
 I love you beyond words and will forever!

13 memorable years, still in the making...a fabulous lifetime of memories, still in the making!
Happy Anniversary babe!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pushing their own style

It was bound to happen. They are growing up, no matter how many times I ask them to stop growing.

 I am going miss the days where I look at their closet for minutes upon minutes, trying to decided which frilly dress to put them in or which cute hat will match their outfit best.

I am not looking forward to the days they turn down the big bow that I put in their hair, that matches their outfit.

Soon they will gain their own style and want to wear their own choice in clothes and accessories. 
I will put a smile on my face when they ask to wear their neon orange polka dot shirt with their pastel yellow skinny jeans. It will be their style and their statement!

Those innocent looks will turn into determination to be their own person and I am okay with that, but for awhile longer I will soak up the fact that they like me to dress them and i get an opinion on their style!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

A letter to my 16 year old self

Happy birthday to me! 16 is an age where you will learn a lot about yourself. You will have heart break and you will test your limits beyond belief. You will think that you are smarter than your parents and that you know better than most, but you will find out in a couple years that you are wrong. You will think you are dating the guy you are going to marry (oh my, you have lots to learn) You will think that sneaking out of your house is fun and rebellious. You are starting to veer away from being the sweet, rule following girl and steering towards learning how to rule break and seek thrills. 

You don't have your license yet, that trust me, with how many cars you end up going through in the next few years, it is ok that you don't get your license till you are almost 17. You will learn that once you get your license, you will end up driving your friends around here and there. Those friends that are in your close 'click' that you see daily and spend every waking minute with...they will stick around for a few years after you graduate and then everyone will go their separate ways. You might talk on Facebook and make plans of getting together, but everyone is busy and plans rarely follow through. You will learn who your true friends are, and that there will be times that friends will stab you in the back. 
You will get over it and just know, you'll find out who your true friends are later in life, they'll be the ones that stick around after high school.

You ended up at the pool hall quite often on the weekends, along with the night clubs. You didn't really think homework should be done first, so your grades weren't the greatest. That lovely fake ID you had {I mean the three of them} worked for you, but really weren't worth all the trouble. They had their nights of fun, but you will quickly learn that doing your homework would pay off for college.

Your life after high school with dramatically change and you will get hit in the face with the life of an 'adult'. You will go through a few more necessary heart breaks to find the amazing man that will become your husband in a few years. You will settle down, one of the first of your friends, and become parents within your first 13 months of marriage. You will go through tough times and things always seem to work out, though they don't seem like they will at the time. You will experience the highs and lows of marriage and parenthood. All those things that you thought you knew better than your parents years ago, they will come flooding back and you will soon realize that you might not have been as right a you thought.

Four kids later, three houses, many memories, you will know that no matter the silly things that you did all those years ago, they all made you who you are. 

Now you are just a much smarter 31 year old mommy of 4 and wife to an amazing guy!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bam Bam on the move!

I am not sure which is moving faster, time or my little man. He is always on the go and has a love for trouble and risks.
He makes you smile with his belly giggle and endless smile!
He has the greatest love for his siblings and is best buddies with his big brother.

You a slew of words, but your favorite word by far is 'ball.' You know how to day 'basketball' and 'baseball' and think that watching sports games on TV is a blast.

You are an amazing little basketball player for only being 18 months old. {You even clap for yourself}

You are my little dare devil and mischief maker. If there's trouble you'll find it.

You are the perfect Caboose on our family train and though we are always on our toes...we love every minute of it.

You are constantly in the pantry,  grabbing cereal out and taking it upon your self to grab your own snack. 

When you want to go outside, you will bring us your shoes and 'sign' please.

Sometimes to entertain you, we let you get in the bath tub and play with all the toys {no water}

You know when you're in trouble and you have this smirk that use to get away with it.

You don't really walk, you run! You love to be moving and in all the action!

You have white hair and baby blue eyes.

You give the sweetest big kisses and lay your head down on someone to hug them.

You are 33.5" tall (75-85%)
You weigh 23.6 lbs (25-50%)
You wear size 6 shoes, size 18 month clothes, and size 4 diapers
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Look how much you've grown in the past 6 months!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Satisfaction

What you'll need:

1 jar of Alfredo sauce (2 jars - if you like is really 'saucy')
1 car of Classico Sun dried tomato pesto
1 box of Rotini pasta (cooked according to the box)
Italian seasoning

 Cook pasta according to box. Mix together the rest of the ingredients in a sauce pan over medium heat. Then combine the pasta with the sauce.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Letters

Oh Friday, how I've waited for you for over the past 10 years!
{no really, I have!}

Dear Kyle {my big brother} - I have waited for this day for over 10 years. I have dreamed of the day that you'd be as happy as Brian and I. I have waited for the day for you to find someone who fits with you and compliments you to a 'T.' You have not only found an amazing girl, who fits perfectly into our family, you've found a girl who makes the best come out in you. I've always wanted the best for you, and you've finally found her! Congrats on your wedding weekend big bro! I can't wait to share in your special day!
Dear Kendall - I can proudly say I am ecstatic that we will be sisters after this weekend. I knew from the minute I met you, that we were going to be great friends! You came into my brother's life as an amazing compliment and haven't stopped lighting up our whole families life! Cheers to the Mr. and's time to celebrate!

Dear work week - I am so happy to say that I am done with you and that my weekend will be full of family, fun and new beginnings! Here's hoping to a much brighter future and new opportunities!

Dearest Blake - I know you are only 18 months, but if you could please amaze mommy and daddy and walk your little legs down the isle for your auntie and uncle, mommy would be so proud.

Dear weekend - Please go smoothly and have gorgeous weather for Saturday! Let this be a stress free wedding with many memories and an amazing beginning to a new shared life.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Making Lasting Memories

I can remember back to when I was a kid, we'd go camping in our camper as a family and I have some of the fondest memories.

I love being outdoors and I love being with my family, so we've taken camping as a hobby that our whole family loves!

The best part is, both my parents and my hubs parents love it too, so going with extended family makes it that much more fun and memorable!

Spending quality time with family, making priceless memories !

 {lots of backpack rides}

 {lovin the leaves}

 {keeping busy}

 {long hikes...with naps!}

{ fun times with cousins!}

{Great breath taking views}

{cousin time!}

{Beach fun!}

 Amazing time with family and lots of laughs with my kids!
Two more camping trips before snow fall.
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