Monday, September 23, 2013

A letter to my 16 year old self

Happy birthday to me! 16 is an age where you will learn a lot about yourself. You will have heart break and you will test your limits beyond belief. You will think that you are smarter than your parents and that you know better than most, but you will find out in a couple years that you are wrong. You will think you are dating the guy you are going to marry (oh my, you have lots to learn) You will think that sneaking out of your house is fun and rebellious. You are starting to veer away from being the sweet, rule following girl and steering towards learning how to rule break and seek thrills. 

You don't have your license yet, that trust me, with how many cars you end up going through in the next few years, it is ok that you don't get your license till you are almost 17. You will learn that once you get your license, you will end up driving your friends around here and there. Those friends that are in your close 'click' that you see daily and spend every waking minute with...they will stick around for a few years after you graduate and then everyone will go their separate ways. You might talk on Facebook and make plans of getting together, but everyone is busy and plans rarely follow through. You will learn who your true friends are, and that there will be times that friends will stab you in the back. 
You will get over it and just know, you'll find out who your true friends are later in life, they'll be the ones that stick around after high school.

You ended up at the pool hall quite often on the weekends, along with the night clubs. You didn't really think homework should be done first, so your grades weren't the greatest. That lovely fake ID you had {I mean the three of them} worked for you, but really weren't worth all the trouble. They had their nights of fun, but you will quickly learn that doing your homework would pay off for college.

Your life after high school with dramatically change and you will get hit in the face with the life of an 'adult'. You will go through a few more necessary heart breaks to find the amazing man that will become your husband in a few years. You will settle down, one of the first of your friends, and become parents within your first 13 months of marriage. You will go through tough times and things always seem to work out, though they don't seem like they will at the time. You will experience the highs and lows of marriage and parenthood. All those things that you thought you knew better than your parents years ago, they will come flooding back and you will soon realize that you might not have been as right a you thought.

Four kids later, three houses, many memories, you will know that no matter the silly things that you did all those years ago, they all made you who you are. 

Now you are just a much smarter 31 year old mommy of 4 and wife to an amazing guy!

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Ahhhh, the things a parent doesn't know during those years!

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