Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Don't Sweat It!

I am always sunk in a hole and I fall off blogging every 6 months ish?! Don't sweat it!

I can't seem to get in a good schedule since the kids went back to school?! Don't sweat it!

My life at the moment is a small bowling pin in a circus juggling act. Don't sweat it!

My 'To Bring' list for being out of town this weekend is getting out of hand! Don't sweat it!

I swear I smell, fresh (meaning from our current cat) cat pee in the basement again. Don't sweat it!

I never remember to do a little laundry each day, so I don't end up with about 6-8 loads on the weekends. Don't sweat it!

I have been working hard on my website, to get it up and running smoothly, but really don't feel like I am getting anywhere! Don't sweat it!

 I have tons of pictures to edit and post, but can't seem to find more than 5-10  minutes to sit down. Don't sweat it!

I want to vlog more, but stink at 'public' speaking and say 'um' too many times. Don't sweat it!

I have to go through all my kids clothes and change out closets asap, that is a lot of clothes. Don't sweat it!

Trying to keep my four kids bruise free until this weekend for the wedding is tough work! Don't sweat it!

Being behind in things, isn't my style, but I guess that is part of the 'funk' I'm in. Don't sweat it!

My carpet needs shampooing, and I keep finding something else to do in place of it.  Don't sweat it!

Getting together and hanging out with friends lately is non-existent...dang kids schedules. Don't sweat it!

I love my life! Life can be bumpy and take a different path than planned, now and then...don't sweat it!


Erin said...

love this!! Don't sweat it is a good thing to think when you start freaking out about all the lists and what needs to get done :) go with the flow, everything falls into place!!

Kathryn said...

I hear ya Mama! My life feels like a circus right now too and I've been having a hard time getting into "blogging" mode. I've been in a funk for a while and can't seem to fully snap out of it. Not sure if it's the change in season or what, but the past few months have been blah around here. Hang in there, hopefully Fall brings good things for both of us! :) PS- you truly are Super Mom with 4 kiddos!!

Leah D said...

I love this "Don't sweat it" concept and blog post idea.

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